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The Lactiful Method is the missing manual for everything to do with breast milk supply and production.

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What is The Lactiful Method?

It is the missing manual for everything to do with breast milk supply and production. Get step-by-step directions for:

  • How precisely to breastfeed to increase milk production
  • Proven pumping methods that increase milk production
  • How to correctly supplement with formula while your milk supply rebounds
  • What steps to take when returning to work or school to keep your milk production from plummeting and how to fix it if your production has dropped.

The Lactiful Method was meticulously researched and organized by Lactiful and edited by a team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and Neonatal Registered Nurses.

The 4 Plans

The Lactiful Method contains four detailed, step-by-step plans to get you producing more milk quickly. Each plan is color coded so it’s very easy to find your section. Simply pick the plan that most closely fits your situation and start making more milk right away.

Exclusive Breastfeeders Plan

Pages 4-9

For moms that are able to spend the majority of their time with their baby and baby is not receiving formula. Don’t miss step 4 which shows you the one simple thing you need to do for the next two weeks to increase your milk supply. Check out the breastfeeding flow chart which shows exactly how long to keep baby on a side before switching or what to do if baby is frustrated or sleepy. No more guessing what to do! Discover how to spot a poor latch and what to do if a sleepy baby isn’t removing enough milk.

Exclusive Pumpers Plan

Pages 38-43

For moms that exclusively pump. Discover how to schedule your pumping sessions to increase milk production! Save time every time you pump with our How to Pump Efficiently section. Learn to Power Pump. Know how to maintain your pump for maximum output and so much more! Ready to build up a freezer stash?

Supplementers  Plan

Pages 44-57

This plan is for moms that are supplementing their baby’s breast milk intake with formula. Mom’s that are supplementing face an uphill battle but this plan gives you all the tools you need to stop your declining milk supply and increase it! Discover the correct time to give the supplement. Learn how much supplement to give. Get educated on the use of at-breast supplementers complete with links to online video tutorials. Learn to bottle feed in a way that supports breastfeeding. This 11 step plan can save your breastfeeding relationship.

Moms on the Move  Plan

Pages 18-27

If you’re a working mom or student that has to spend time away from baby, this plan is for you. We understand how challenging it is to focus on your career or education while having a baby in the home, that’s why this plan is all about boosting your milk supply quickly and making life easier. Discover how to save time when pumping. Learn what bottle nipple your sitter should be using. Find out the laws in your state that protect your right to pump whenever you need to and find example schedules to maximize your milk output! Discover how to increase milk supply when you’re with baby and when you’re not. And so much more.

Breastfeeding and Pumping Flow Charts!

Take the guesswork out of breastfeeding!

Imagine having an expert lactation consultant guide you through an entire breastfeeding session. She’d tell you if you had a good latch or not and when it was time to switch sides and what to do if baby gets upset or falls asleep or switches to comfort sucking. This flowchart covers it all. Just follow the arrows for a successfully breastfeeding session every time.

Pump like a pro!

Want to know how to get the most breast milk expressed in the shortest time possible, while also providing enough stimulation to increase milk production? Yes! It’s that awesome. Just follow the arrows!

A Master Class in Milk Removal and Milk Increase

The Lactiful Method booklet is packed with gems to help you get the edge on milk production. You’ll discover:

  • The time of day Prolactin (the milk-making hormone) spikes and how to make the most of it…page 9.
  • How to express breast milk with video links for both pumping and hand expression…page 10.
  • How to hand compress the correct way (with video link)…page 11.
  • How to tell the difference between active and comfort sucking…page 12.
  • 5 Waking techniques to make sure baby is bright and awake before feeding…page 13.
  • 5 Keys to a good latch (with video link)…page 14.
  • What to do when you can’t get in a full pumping session…page 23.
  • How to select the right bottle nipple – getting this wrong can wreck your chances at breastfeeding…page 26.
  • How to time your pumping sessions to get more milk and increase production…page 27.
  • The 3 things you must do to have a successful pumping session…pages 28-30.
  • How to install pump membranes the correct way to increase suction and milk removal…page 29.
  • How to make a Let-Down kit that improves your pumping output…page 31.
  • 4 steps to follow if you experience a sudden drop in pumping output…page 35.
  • How to save time & effort by pumping efficiently…page 36.
  • Freeze with confidence with our breast milk storage guidelines…page 37. 
  • How to properly power pump…page 42.
  • How to turn your commute into a bonus (and discreet) pumping session…page 42.
  • How to maintain your pump for maximum effectiveness…page 42.
  • The one thing never to do when supplementing with formula…page 47.
  • What an At-Breast Supplementer is and how to properly use it to increase milk supply…page 51.
  • Find the sweet spot for how much supplement to give: enough to keep baby gaining appropriate weight but not so much that it harms your milk production…page 54.
  • Troubleshoot a baby that cries at the breast…page 57.
  • 6 Fussiness Fixers that can sooth most babies…page 57.
  • What foods and medicine to avoid that can harm your milk supply…page 59.


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