Edith Wilson

*I have struggled to keep my breast supply up, for unknown reasons, but with Lactiful & the pumping regime, I no longer need to supplement my 5 mo. old son :). I have tried other less expensive lactation supplements & this is the only one that has made a difference. I want soo bad to give my baby the best & shutter to think what would happen to my supply, if I had to stop taking your supplements!!!


*I have battled low milk supply with my first two children. Shortly before weaning my second baby I discovered lactiful and was amazed at the dramatic effect it had, unfortunately my son had decided that he was done nursing at 7 1/2 months. My third baby was born a bit early and I began taking Lactiful as soon as I came home from the hospital. I have had more than enough milk to nurse my baby and to freeze for later. Having stressed so much about having enough milk with my first children it has been such a relief to know that I have plenty of milk for my baby. I will always use and recommend Lactiful to every nursing mother.


*I didn't leave a review when I first bought this product, which I bought twice. It literally worked for me in like 2 days. I was a working nursing mother and often stress and life interfered with my milk supply, and I needed some help. Thank GOD I chose Lactiful an amazing product. When I have another baby I will have a supply on hand for those times. 5 STAR!!!


*Lactiful really works. I had twins that were born prematurely and had to pump from day one. They nursed badly and never quite got good enough at breast feeding. I tried [another commercial product for increasing breast milk production] and the tea to increase my milk supply but didn't see any difference. I was discouraged and really stressed about my limited milk production and on the verge of giving up after four months. I decided to give Lactiful a shot and although initially saw a small drop in my supply around the fifth day, by day 12 saw an increase of roughly 6 to 12 ounces per day. I pump seven or eight times a day and produce anywhere from 30 to 40 ounces. Lactiful is pricey but if you're thinking of giving up on breast-feeding it is really worth it to try. I think it is a great product and I'm grateful that I found it.

L. Armwood

*I am absolutely amazed with this product, although it is not cheap, it does work as long as your consistent and follow the advice and tips in the milk up! pdf file (editor's note: now updated to The Lactiful Method booklet) included with your first purchase. I am sold for as long as I continue to nurse. I love it!

Teresa Hendricks

*I Love Lactiful! It helped me increase my milk so I don't have to give formula for a supplment. Of my last 6 babies 2 ended up in the hospital because they were 'failure to thrive'. Not this time! Thank you so much. This is our last baby - thank you so much for this being an enjoyable end to my having children, instead of ending in tears and defeat! THANK YOU!!

*After just 48 hours of using these pills, I saw an increase of around two to three ounces per pumping. Holy, moly, they work! No matter how much I hate spending the money, these pills truly make a huge impact in my supply and ensure that I never have to supplement formula with my daughter. Without a doubt, I recommend these pills.

Angela Shoniker

*To all of you at Lactiful,

I suffered from low milk supply and was taking several different herbs along with a prescription (domperidone) I then ordered lactiful and crossed my fingers. I have been taking lactiful for 7 weeks (or so) now and I have noticed a significant increase in my breast milk ( especially when I pump). I pumped 4 oz in each breast this afternoon and I was super happy (I called my husband down and then phoned my mom!) This was UNHEARD of before....I was lucky to get 1.5oz from each.

I have followed ALL the tips in the book as well so I think the combination is key. I was initially hesitant as the cost is quite high but I ordered it knowing they offered a money back guarantee.

I can't tell you how thankful I am that I ordered Lactiful and the book Milk Up! (editor's note: now updated to The Lactiful Method booklet)

Lactiful SAVED my nursing relationship with my son and it all started when I first picked up the phone just to ask a few questions about the product. The women at the call center couldn't answer my questions so she had someone call me fantastic.

I commend all of you mothers out there who are persevering through this tough time.....just know it is worth it!

Carrie Starbird

*I am so pleased that there is a product like this available to nursing mothers. I struggled with low milk supply with my first baby and wish I had known about this product previously. The booklet that was sent along with the product was amazingly helpful and filled with useful tid-bits I didn't get from any other source. Thank You.

Rachael Wojtovish

*I am SO happy I tried lactiful. About 3 weeks ago, my nine month old daughter went on a nursing strike while teething and struggling with a terrible cold. She still refuses to nurse. I was devastated, especially after 18+month nursing relationships with both my sons. And especially sad because I was really struggling to keep up with her demand by pumping alone, even after renting a hospital grade pump. After just 3 days of lactiful, my daily pump output has increased from 20oz to 25oz... Incredible! Now I feel like even if she decides not to nurse again, I can make it to her birthday without using formula (which she hates anyway)! Thank you so much.


*I really don't take the time to review products. However, knowing how much Internet research I conducted to try and find something that increased my milk supply, I thought I would put something out there. I am the eternal skeptic, and cheapskate. But, I was so desperate I decided to try Lactiful.<br><br>My baby was born in May, and was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome, she had major latching issues, and I had a very low milk supply from the get go. I had to supplement within 3 days of birth because she steadily lost weight. That further exacerbated the low milk supply. I was barely pumping 2 ounces a day for the longest time. I started Fenugreek, and it worked temporarily, but I only got up to 4 oz. after a couple weeks, my supply went back down to 2 oz. I tried Lactiful, and am now up to 7 oz. still not enough to not supplement. But, this product more than quadrupled my supply. I am happy that I haven't dried up yet. My doctor recommended to breast feed at least through the first flu season, and I thought I would never make it. Shipping is super fast! Customer Service is very accommodating, and follow up with you should you have any issues. I accidentally placed duplicate orders because my Internet had a glitch in the middle of an order (I wasn't sure if my original order went through, so I placed another Internet order). It was corrected right away by customer service.

I am definitely going to have this on hand next time I am ready to give birth so I can start taking it right away.

Hannah Naomi Smith

*I love this product more then I can ever say. I am so thankful for the help, and know that this product was an answer to a prayer. My daughter is getting enough to eat now. I can't help but to keep saying thank you and know that this product is what I need.


*Lactiful is a good product. I'm a mother of 3 children and wish I would have known about this with my other two kids. I breast fed my first for 3months, my second for 5 months giving up both times because I thought I wasn't making enough milk and because there seems to be such a taboo on breast feeding.If I had only known then what I know now. this time I was determined to feed at least for a year. I Never had an issue nursing my kids it was keeping up with their appetite when they were bottle fed when I was away at work. I work about 32 hrs. a week outside the home in high paced enviroment. After my 3rd I went back to work after 6 weeks postpartum. It seemed as though my supply went down with the stress of working, being away from my family and worry of not pumping enough. I was taking fenugreek since her birth but I felt I could make more milk an fenugreek alone wasn't doing the trick. I was pumping 2 -3 oz. a session,getting 8 - 10 oz while I was gone. I thought that was pretty good, but When she was drinking 12oz. that just wasn't cutting it. I was dipping into my freezer supply an did not have enough to do that just yet. So I researched online what else I could do an came across a pop up for Lactiful. I gave it shot, following the directions to a T I started to see results on the 5th day not a lot but some, about an oz. A pumping an then on day 14 like it said it came, I felt like crying, I never saw that much milk at one pumping. I got 7 oz that morning , that next week I average about 5 oz a session, these high numbers being in the morning when my milk was at its highest, afternoon pumps average 2-3oz. I was pumping 12 -16 oz, this helped me feel better about myself an I knew she would have enough milk for the day. I learned a lot from the book Lactiful provides, things I never knew like making sure one pumps for at least 10 min., pump before you go to sleep at night,relax while you pump read a book magazine etc.( this really helped), dont feel bad about pump breaks at work, it's your right, eating an drinking right, brewers yeast is my new favorite for a boost.Educating your family and babysitter is also key,I felt they were over feeding her with the bottle which I never knew can happen, so make sure you dioloug how to feed the baby, tips at don't take as many pills now for my Baby is 9 months an eating more solids now an I have a good freezer supply.Lactiful is pricy but I figure I could spend money on my milk or formula an I choose my milk that is the best. Breast feeding takes patience an time, I think to many moms give up to soon, an I think if you still are not making enough some milk is better than none. I love nursing it Is convenient, economical, milk is always warm, and its bonding time.I hope this product works for you.


*I just want to say thank you! This is my 4th time nursing and with my first my milk didn't come in for 11 days. I took every thing you can think of. I found Lactiful with my third and used it but he had a heart defect and I didn't take it faithfully. Pumping never worked for me and doesn't for some women. I started the lactiful while still in the hospital with my fourth child and I believe I saw results within the two weeks. I was actually able to pump 2 oz which with my first I pumped 4 oz in a week. I know the benefits of every herb in Lactiful and I had been taking them all separate. Lactiful made it easier and yes it is costly but I applied for the subsidy and they have been wonderful in supplying the discount for me. I used a SNS for 6 wks with no bottles which I really believe helped my milk supply with the Lactiful. My son is almost 8 months now and I have reordered every few months with the subsidy. Yes it does take awhile for them to get back to you but I try to apply way in advance. I know my baby is getting milk from me and every time I get to hear him swallow I just smile! I never had that with the others. I do still have to supplement but I am giving my baby all the milk I can from me. I love nursing my babies and wish I produced more milk myself but since I don't I will continue to take Lactiful until my baby quits nursing! It does work and I'm so thankful for the help financially!!


*I tried everything to have more milk. I drank fenugreek and pumped after each feeding. I took lots of remedies For more milk, drank lots of water and ate well but I still had very little milk. Nothing helped. I was pumping about half an oz from each side and was ready to give up and go to formula because I was tired of trying with no results. Then I heard about lactiful and started taking it. I got my milk up So much that now I pump at least 3 oz every time! I am so thankful that I can continue to breastfeed my baby.

Sarah Danner

*I started taking Lactiful because when I went back to work and had to pump, my supply started to decline. Now I take it as a daily supplement and I am able to produce enough milk to pump for him. I don't know what I would have done without it!!


*I am finally able to fully breastfeed my lo is 5 1/2 months. I have taken everything you can think of including but not limited too fenugreek, domperidone, [another commercial product for increasing breast milk supply], Gaia products and numerous teas. I have been using an sns to stay nursing but could never quite get there. This product has been the extra I needed and the pamphlet gave me a step by step in terms I could follow. I do recommend this product and already have to my neighbor. I would also like to say that it didn't upset my stomach which is a miracle. I am so grateful.

Angela Malik-Luck

*My local pharmacies & baby merchandise stores can't keep up with my demand for milk storage bags anymore 🙂


*I'm a military mom and this is my first child. My biggest incentive for breastfeeding was losing weight and a free source of food for my baby. Before I got out of the hospital I was in so much pain from trying to breastfeed I went to straight pumping. At about one month of pumping and having to supplement with formula to make up my lack of production; I had one side simply shut down and it was taking 3 to 4 pumping sessions to fill a bottle I was desperate to try anything.<br><br> I found Lactiful on a google search, shrugged, and clicked "order". Worse case scenario it wouldn't work.<br><br> My baby is 3 months old now and I normally overproduce her intake! She is completely off formula and I am able to freeze about 10 ounces a night as well. When I deploy this little one will be set!

Tia Fineberg

*Thank you so very much. You are, by far, the BEST company on the planet to deal with.

Melissa Ramirez

*Lactiful has helped me reach what I once thought was the impossible. What seemed to be impossible to reach my baby's 3months at exclusively breastfeeding has now been surpassed, my daughter is now almost 7months and still exclusively breast feed all thanks to Lactiful. Without Lactiful I would not be able to give my daughter the best.


*I'm a full-time working mom putting in over 60hrs at my job and coming home to my 4, that's right! 4!, beautiful girls; it can get overwhelming. Especially when your oldest is only 4. I have a 4yr old, 3yr old, 2yr old and now a 5month old. Between balancing working full time with mommy duties, my full time job, preschool, ballet, piano lessons, and gymnastics... I get stretched out fairly thin and feel like there's just not enough time in this world for everything, and that's not counting everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.. Things can get extremely stressful at times as you can see... With my crazy busy life it gets hard to not be affected by it and consequently my milk production takes a huge toll!!! Since taking Lactiful Supply Max I have not only gained all my supply back but I have doubled it! By the time my youngest turned 4months I was only pumping 1.5-2oz combined every 3hrs. This was with 20min pumping sessions.. Since Lactiful I am now at 6.5-8oz combined every 3 hours with 10min pumps! I am now in my 2nd month going into my 3rd month.. Before Lactiful Supply Max it seemed almost impossible to make it to my baby's 6months @exclusivly breastmilk, now I am confident I will make it to her 1yr birthday without a doubt! If I can see these results as a super full time mom, and did I mention single mom! I know anyone can achieve the same results with the help of these pills and not to forget the Lactiful Supply Max helpful guide! I tell any nursing mom about these, even if I don't know them! The best part is that Lactiful knows that times are tough and they offer a subsidy you can apply for if you qualify.. For as long as I nurse I will with out a doubt take these!!! Everyone is different so if your not fortunate enough to have these work for you then there's a 100% money back guarantee so you really have nothing to loose here!!! Don't wait and start now!!!

Guadalupe Ortiz

*I have seen a 50% increase with Lactiful. I'm now able to pump 3 full oz which is a full feeding for my 7wk son. Thank you again for making such a wonderful product and I giving us low producing moms hope.

Ginger Kildee

*You may be looking at the cost of Lactiful and wondering if it is really worth it. I'd like to tell you it really is! This was my journey to Lactiful. I had my first child in July 2011, we were having a difficult time nursing in the hospital. The nurses and even the lactation consultant I saw were pushing formula on me, insisting that my daughter needed it. I tried to nurse her but she just wouldn't latch on so my husband would feed her the formula while I tried to pump, getting literally a few drops. I was an emotional wreck thinking that I wasn't going to be able to nurse my daughter especially when she'd take the formula and within 30 minutes or less throw up most of the formula she'd eaten. Like I said I was an emotional wreck. Before we left the hospital we were able to finally get a good enough latch and I felt more confident about being able to nurse her and provide her with the best nourishment available, my breast milk. Now you may be wondering where does Lactiful come into play if I was nursing successfully, well let me tell you. I was confident we'd overcome our nursing issues that is until a few weeks after I'd gone back to work. One day my sitter wrote on the daily note that I wasn't providing her with enough milk and we would need to talk about a back up plan. After my experience with formula in the hospital and my strong desire to nurse my daughter I started to freak-out and I was devastated all over again. I hated the thought that I couldn't provide the best thing for my daughter, my own breast milk. I talked to friends, tried other herb pills and started drinking the herbal teas that were supposed to boost milk production, but that only seemed to help temporarily (never with a significant increase in production either, maybe just calmed my nerves enough to pump a little better). I was pumping about 8 ounces while at work and my sitter was giving my daughter 12-14 ounces. I was quickly going through the little freezer stash I had (about 3, 8 oz a bags of milk). All I could think was how am I ever going to keep up. I began to search for other supplements that I could take that would boost my milk supply and one day I found Lactiful. I read the testimonial on their website, read the guarantee, yet I was still skeptical. I talked it over with my husband and since he knew how important it was to me to be able to breastfeed our daughter, he said order it. If it will help you to provide what's best for her (our daughter) then do it. I ordered it, I anxiously awaited for my miracle herbs to arrive so my milk supply would go up and I wouldn't have to consider supplementing with formula. After a couple of weeks I noticed an increase of about 4 ounces a day, after about one month my supply had doubled. I was pumping 16-18 ounces a day while at work. Not only was I able to pump more, but I'm convinced my daughter was getting more when she nursed. When my supply doubled she began to sleep through the night at only 3 months old and she didn't seem to need quite as much when she was away from me at the sitter. I was able to build my freezer stash of 3 bags of frozen milk to 40 bags (8-9 oz each) in only one month. I have already recommended Lactiful to friends. It is expensive ladies, but it sure beats the cost financially and emotionally of giving up. If you are dedicated to giving your baby the best (breast milk) then I urge you to give Lactiful a try. My supply doubled and the thought of giving formula to our daughter never entered conversations with my husband or friends again. I even had the opportunity to confidently turn to down a formula sample.

PS Livingston

*I pump at least an ounce more each time because of this product. Highly recommend!

Adriana Austin

*I'm happy to report that after 20 years of not being able to swallow pills I was able to swallow these.


*I had a great experience. I am beyond grateful that I am finally able to pump what my son needs and am slowly but surely building up a reserve in the freezer.


*I struggle with milk supply and needed something to help increase my supply. I had to supplement with formula in the first month but after taking this product and reading the e book that comes with, I no longer need to supplement with formula. I pump and nurse right now however after going back to work I will be pumping more than nursing. I am so grateful that I found this product! I wish I had it for my first child, I gave her as much breast milk as I could however I had to supplement with formula the entire time. Thank you supply max!!!


*I've been taking these for about 2.5 weeks now. I've had days where my supply is much more and days where it's about normal. But I no longer have that feeling of "am I making enough milk" and the sweet sound of my baby eating and not struggling.

Susan Parlato

*I love the product.


*I am sorry [Lactiful] did not work for me, but it was a pleasant experience dealing with people who realize how important [breastfeeding] is for moms, especially new moms like me. I have started the [return] process and filled in the form. Just to let you know, I would still recommend this for friends if they need it, the fact that it did not work for me does not mean that it would not work for someone else, after all, every woman's body is different. Thanks again.

Kristi Aleman

*I tried this product and it worked very well for me and my baby, it doubled my supply we are very happy with it.


*My overall experience with Lactiful was that I successfully increased my milk.

Amber Sike

*I had an over abundance of milk until I began exclusively pumping. My son is 100% tube fed & had issues with every formula we tried for supplements. Having to run his feeds every two hours on top of pumping every two hours I felt like my life revolved around pumps and I still couldnt fully produce the 1000+ MLs a day he needs. After starting Lactiful Supply Max, I just put my 2nd bag in the freezer! I don't feel like I have to constantly be attached to my pump & our schedule can be flexible now.. I can tend to the needs of my three older children without feeling guilt over 'neglecting' the well being of the baby (supplements = reflux, choking, gagging, aspiration & vomiting vs. absolutely no issues with dairy free BM). Even with viruses going around our house I have kept up my supply. Basically upped my supply while reducing time spent pumping. Which is exactly what my sanity needed.

Angela M.

*Desperate is the only way to describe the way that I felt before I ordered Lactiful. I had been producing plenty of milk and was two weeks ahead of my son on my frozen supply for the sitter. Then he started catching up with me. I no longer seemed to be responding to the pump. Each fifteen minute double pumping session would result in one ounce of milk, tops. I was heartsick. I began taking Lactiful the very evening that it arrived in my mailbox, 8/22/12. It is now 8/31/12, and I am consistently producing eight ounces during each 15 minute double pumping session. Now, I feel relieved, thanks to Lactiful.


*Very good. I think it helped my supply a lot.


*It was hard at first to pump every two hours but it was worth it in the end and I got great results. My supply did not double but it was more milk and a more satisfied baby 🙂


*I decided to try Lactiful supplements due my milk supply decreasing after I returned to work. I am a teacher and can only pump during my lunch period. Unfortunately, I took the entire bottle and the supplements did not work. However,the Ebook, proved to be super helpful. I started pumping more and have incorporated the recommended recipes into my diet. The extra pumping, even if I only get an ounce or two, is what seemed to help the most.


*I took Lactiful as directed for 2 weeks, as well as followed the booklet as best I could without noticing much of a difference. Prior to starting the pills I would pump anywhere from .5oz-2oz. Taking these pills didn't make any difference. I still had the same quantity as prior to taking the pills. I am still a believer of the product and think that I was just an unfortunate one that it didn't work for. But because of the reviews, great customer service and guaranteed return, I would still recommend this product to another mother.

Brenda Leatherman

*I had breastfeed all my children and loved the experience and closeness I had with my children. So my children grew up and got married. So my oldest daughter had been married for 12 yrs when she found out she was pregnant and not with 1 baby but two and yes identical twins! I realized that if we were going to help take care of these boys and raise them healthy I was going to have to help by producing breastmilk. So after 23 years of not producing milk I began a long road of trying to produce. I began reading everything I could about relactating and bought a great breastpump and began pumping. After months I was surfing the net about low milk production and came across Lactiful. Because of the money back guarentee I decided to try it. I began taking it on a Tuesday and after 1 week and 4 days I started producing milk! I began noticing my brests were looking fuller and they got heavier with milk.I have really enjoyed helping my grandsons and hope to continue until they are weaned. Thanks to lactiful I am doing something I never thought I could do again!


*I have been taking Lactiful for one week. I pump after most feedings and can get about an oz from each side. I have noticed though that my breasts feel heavy sooner, although they never really feel full. My letdown is a lot stronger and my baby often chokes when my milk lets down. He does seem satisfied after most feedings (excluding the evening feedings). The lactation consultant and I decided to give a one week trial where I did not supplement at all, and my baby did gain about an ounce per day, which was a great relief. We also determined that he is now taking in about 2.5 oz per feeding which means my milk has increased from before Lactiful when it was about 1 oz per feeding.

Christina Bright-Taylor

*I have had my pills for less then a week. I have way more milk, my daughter seems more satisfied and she latches on better and longer. She doesn't get frustrated like she used to.


*I'm thankful to have used Lactiful, because it really helped with my milk supply.

Ginger Kildee

*It works great.


*Lactiful was essential for increasing my milk supply. I was a milk fountain within the first 72 hours of taking it. I am pleased to say that Lactiful has increased my milk supply enough to stop supplementing my son with formula. Before taking Lactiful I was supplementing my son twice a day with 2 oz of formula and now I don't have to supplement anymore. Keep in mind that Lactiful increases your letdown reflex as well. When my letdown comes in, some times my son will detach from my breast and the milk will just be squirting out! I love Lactiful and everything it has to offer! Thank You Lactiful for making my breastfeeding experience one that I'll never forget.

Angela Scheffler

Just because I did not see the desired results, does not mean others may not. Thank you for your great customer service and sticking to your risk free promise. I can tell your company really cares about my nursing relationship with all the information and tips and this letter telling me to try a lactation consultant, this all proves that you really do care... because all babies deserve the very best. Thank you for being so caring.

Michelle Woodhall

*I'm very pleased with this product. I tried everthing with my first baby and ended up giving up after 6 weeks. This time I was determend to breastfeed as long as I could. My baby is now 10 weeks and still going strong because of Lactiful. It really does work! I won't live with out it.

Bree Michelle Keough-Edwards

*I love love love this product - it has doubled my supply!

Stephaie G

*I'll try to tell my story in short. At birth, my son was born with a tied tongue and we couldn't get it fixed until almost 3 weeks after. So not only was the latching an issue (and painful), but low milk supply from insufficient glandular tissue because of early hypothyroid dysfunction. A real double-whammy. And by the second or third day after bringing my son home from the hospital, he was so discontent with his feedings, I felt I had to supplement with formula to make up the difference. It was painful for me to do so. I had my heart set on exclusive breast feeding.. but he was hungry and I thought he needed something to take the edge off while I tried to build my milk supply. I read through a bunch of things on the internet and your site, but it didn't mention anything about insufficient glandular tissue, so I was a bit hesitant about buying the first bottle. But otherwise, I have been going above and beyond to try to elevate my milk supply and empty to the best of my ability. Pumping, hand expressing, nursing, drinking tea, eating popular foods, decent diet- you name it. I managed to get a double pump through my insurance not too long ago and before your product, i was getting about .5oz to 1 oz per breast- on a good day. After taking the supplement, I had some good days where I produced 1.5oz to 2.5oz per breast. But I also am having issues removing all the milk due to his improper latching. I feel it helped build my milk supply and get me going in the right direction. It really is a wonderful product. I just wish one bottle would have done it. But as soon as I ran out, the production turned sour again.

Heather Marie Sisemore-Green

*The product has all the right ingredients, easy to swallow, no big side effect. My milk has slightly increased in under a week and I have tried everything else, including Domperidone, and it did not have even the slightest effect.

M Zamor

*After issues with nursing, I decided to exculsively pump breast milk for my daughter for a year. At first I suffered from a low milk supply but after a few days of taking Lactiful my supply increased and I didn't need to supplement any more. This product is wonderful because it is an all in one. If you have any supply issues I would recommend you try Lactiful, it can't hurt, it's a money back guarantee which is something you're not going to find at the health food store when buying generic fenugreek and blessed thistle.


*I absolutely love this product. I was taking [another commercial product for increasing breast milk production]. It worked a little but then seemed to quit being effective. I am pump dependent due to medical conditions my daughter has, so it is really hard to maintain my supply with only a pump sometimes. I tried increasing fluids, pumping more often, made sure I was eating properly and nothing seemed to be working. It seemed like my supply was slowly decreasing while my duaghter's needs were slowly increasing. I started taking Lactiful Supply Max maybe about a week ago and am soooo relieved because my supply has doubled!!!!! I'm hoping it will continue to increase but even if it doesn't, I am completely satisified and will continue to take it. Very, very, very pleased. Without it my daughter would have to be getting significant amounts of donor milk and eventually formula to keep up with her caloric needs. It makes me feel soooo much better and way less stressed to know that I am able to provide her with the milk that is most beneficial for her needs. I would recommend Lactiful to anyone!!!!!!! Also, the icing on the cake is the wonderful customer service. Before I even received the product, I emailed customer service and communicated with her back and forth for several emails. It was great to have somebody to go to for advice and comfort.


*It definitely helped me regain my supply so I could continue pumping and nursing.

Karen Ann

*I tried this product and unfortunately it did not work for me. I would still recommend this product very highly for the fact that the money back guarantee is kept true to it's promise. I sent a request for my money back after trying Lactiful for two weeks and I received a notice the same night that the money was being credited back. This brand seems to work wonders for a lot of moms, it just wasn't meant to be for me. Good luck to all the moms that are trying to increase their milk supply and I applaud you for giving your baby the best!

Erica Soto

*I am a full time nursing school student that just had her first baby. I know all of the benefits of breastfeeding and I am determined to give my baby the best I can. I have followed every recommendation to increase my milk supply and nothing has worked. I tried pumping between feedings and all that did was take away from the small amount I usually did have at each feeding. I tried eating oatmeal everyday and drinking the teas several times a day all of which did nothing for my milk supply. Finally I tried just continuing to latch her on every hour and a half but by mid day she would just scream and cry and come off like she wasn't getting enough. [Then] I tried lactiful and I haven't had to give my baby formula in 2 weeks and she isn't crying while trying to eat anymore. I had my baby and she was in the NICU so it was hard to keep my supply up, until now.


*I was always under the impression that breastfeeding was easy and labor was the hard part! When I had my daughter I struggled in every sense of the word, but what made lactating so difficult, was my low milk supply. I tried everything! From mothers tea to fenugreek supplements. They seemed to help for a little bit and then it was back to pumping less than two ounces in a 20 minute pumping session. I was so ready to give up and so discouraged, but just knowing how beneficial breast milk was/is for my baby, I could not give in! I began to search and research for something, anything to help me with my supply! Honestly my last resort and attempt laid on Lactiful. I figured if this didn't work, it was a wrap, and I would get my money back! The day I got the supplements in the mail I started to take my 15 pills a day for 2 weeks! At the beginning I really did not think they would work, because I saw a decrease in my milk supply, but I did as the instructions said and kept on taking them every day without missing a dose. I have to point out that when they say it takes two weeks to work, it literally took exactly the two weeks for the supplements to kick in! On the fifteenth day I was pumping 6 to 8 ounces in a 20 minute session! My breast felt full and when I had my baby on, she did not have to work nearly as hard and seemed much more satisfied! I absolutely recommend this product! I know how it feels to struggle when it comes to lactating and feeling inadequate as a mother! So if you are out there and can relate to me, give these supplements a chance because they may help to relieve some of that pressure and stress, and allow you to enjoy the art of nursing and providing the best nourishment possible!

Cindy Petrovich

*My 12th baby was born in March 2013. I've tried everything anybody has ever told me worked for them plus I drank Mother's Milk tea, took several herbs that are galactagogues, etc. to increase milk supply but it just didn't make a difference for me or it was so insignificant, I didn't notice. I was so determined to find something that worked that I even tried a prescription after I had my 9th child (and I avoid prescription medication like the plague!) It did help a little but caused me to have depression which was really scary and I didn't figure out right away that the medication was causing it. Never again!! I stumbled on Lactiful while I was searching for something new and am thrilled to say it's actually made a noticeable difference! This is my first baby that is almost 4 months old and I haven't had to supplement yet. In the past, I would barely manage 3 months and sometimes not even that long. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of the cost. I don't know how long I'll be able to continue taking it because with my history I'm pretty positive if I stop, my milk supply will decrease quickly. I've been approved for the subsidies which I'm very thankful for, but it's still a financial burden with such a large family to support. I will definitely recommend Lactiful to anyone I come across that has milk supply issues.

Lizz Arnett

*I am a mother of 4, wife of 1. My 1st & 2nd sons were never breastfeed for lack of knowledge. When I became pregnant with my 3rd, I dove into the breastfeeding world. I read as much I could and was determined to succeed. I had a very rough breastfeeding relationship for the first 6 months. I would try and pump to help my supply, but I could never get more than an ounce or two. I nursed on demand and still, she was hungry. I cried my eyes out when we made her, her first bottle of formula. I couldn't even feed it to her. I met with 3 different LC's, started going to LLL meetings and tried all the ideas every mama gave me. I tried Fenugreek and all the "milk boosting" foods. Still supplementing continued till about 6 months. When we introduced solids my supply seemed to finally catch up. When I became pregnant this last time, I felt ready for the hills I would need to climb. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and knew that this diagnosis would also hinder milk production. Our nursing relationship started off great, what I didn't expect was a "high maintenance" baby She nursed all the time. She needed that closeness and my constant milk. Again I tried to keep up. I ate oatmeal every day, started my fenugreek etc. It still wasn't enough. I remember sobbing into a friends arms and she mentioned she had some leftover Lactiful from when she was nursing. She said it was the ONLY thing that worked for her. I tried it and suddenly my breasts worked! I could even pump for back up supply!


*I have been breastfeeding and supplementing since my son has been born. He would breastfeed and take about two ounces of formula after a feeding. I went back to work and he went through my freezer stash within a week. My supply dropped dramatically (2-3oz daily) and I tried fenugreek and [another commercial product for increasing breast milk supply] and nothing worked until I found this. I have been taking lactiful for two weeks and my supply has gone up to 4 oz daily its still not enough to get my son off formula but it is enough to protect him from getting sick. I will continue to use this product until I decide to stop breastfeeding. It is so worth the price.


*I am absolutely amazed with this product, although it is not cheap, it does work. I feel it is worth buying to keep breastfeeding the little one.

Casey A.

*Lactiful is still my miracle worker. I don't know what I would do without this [subsidy] program and blend of pills. Only 3 more months till our 1 year goal and then who knows how long after that!!

Christina A.

*I feel like I cannot express the degree of my gratitude! I've been trying my best to manage with Lots of Fenugreek, and lactation tea and another supplement found in the local health food stores, and although they help some, they do not compare to how well Lactiful has worked for me! I'm really looking forward to using it again! I'm also going to a La Leche League meeting this Monday, and I am bringing an empty bottle to show and share with people there. There is a very well known Lactation Consultant in Santa Barbara that is hosting this one. I'm looking forward to sharing what a gift your product and company has been to me. Thank you again!


*I ordered this for my sister who is now on her 5th bottle and her baby is 4 months old.She has been under extreme stress which could not be helped and hasn't been able to get the rest as one with a baby should. Lactiful has been such a blessing as it helped her be able to keep breastfeeding her baby in the midst of a turbulent time of her life.


*I have had low milk supply from the beginning. I tried nursing on demand with no supplementation for a month and my son lost weight (this was his second month, when he should have been gaining!). Our pediatrician told me that I needed to give him a bottle after each nursing session, and I really wanted him to be able to get as much breast milk as possible. I tried taking individual herbs, drinking the teas, oatmeal, lactation cookies, even prescriptions and nothing helped increase my supply. I finally tried Lactiful and saw a 50% increase within 4 days and 100% increase within a week. I have been using the pills now for over a month, and have returned to work and am still able to pump enough for all of my son's bottles. Once in a while I will miss a dosage and see an almost instant decrease in my supply, so I know it is really tied to these pills. I still have to give my son 4 oz of formula once a day, but I feel very satisfied that he is on breast milk for the rest of the day.


*I had a breast reduction 10 years before having my first baby and I tried everything to increase my milk, nothing really worked. I ended up usually only being able to pump 4 ounces in my 10 hour workday. Now breastfeeding my 2nd son and I found lactiful. I still don't have a full milk supply but I produce much more using lactiful. I do still have to work at keeping my supply up. I wasn't able to wean off taking Lactiful but I'm so happy with the results. It's totally worth it!

B. Grace

*After four months of breastfeeding, pumping and storing I started the mini pill, had a horrible month, my period returned and my supply took a hit. I wasn't producing enough to satisfy my son, he would arch his back and refuse to nurse. I kicked the pill, pumped 6-8 times a day, drank lots of water, took these five pills three times a day and voila... I could pump an average of 3 oz per side per session. I am two days past the two week milestone and I can report that my supply is slowly coming back. I nurse my son then pump. He nurses, gets what milk I have pumped and then supplemental formula if needed. I will say I have ordered the 2 bottles, get 1 free option. I feel that the cost and benefit that comes with this product far outweighs formula. I was skeptical but yes it does work. I don't expect that I will ever have a supply like I once had, but I'm thankful that I am able to provide my son with breast milk at all. I was confident that the company would return my money for a full refund if it did not work. Please try Lactiful before you give up.


*After taking lactiful and doing ask the recommended steps such as pumping. Not only did my supply increase but my son quickly gained a whole pound in the first week and a half! He has been gaining weight steadily ever since!!

Christina Arlington

*I am So Grateful that I found Lactiful Supply Max. I am a mother of twin girls. I had a caesarian which I discovered after the surgery makes my milk come in later (as my body didn't recognize I'd given birth since I didn't labor) and can make it more difficult for building my supply. The hospital wanted me to supplement with formiula right away which began a difficult process of building my supply high enough for two babies. I struggled with this and after seeing 4 Lactation Consultants I had built my supply high enough. I was able to stop supplementing with formula. Then a serious family circumstance arose which caused so much stress that my supply was depleting. My girls were both born in the 90th weight percentile, and after three months, they had dropped to the 2nd percentile of weight gain. Their pediatrician was real concerned. I again began supplementing with formula. I started researching how to increase breast milk and had already been drinking lactation tea and taking fenugreek supplements in plenty. I then began another product with some of the same herbs that Lactiful Supply Max has. When I found Lactiful Supply Max, I was very hopeful! I was encouraged with their money back guarantee and decided to try it. After two days of using their product as they recommend, my milk increased so much that I began leaking milk again. My supply dramatically increased! I am so Grateful I found this product. They give such valuable information on how to help build the milk supply in addition to using their product. I am still supplementing with formula, but also still breastfeeding. I wanted to breast feed my daughters for at least a year, most likely longer and I believe I can with the help of Lactiful Supply Max. My daughters are now 9 months and very healthy. I am saving a few empty bottles for some of the Lactation Consultants so they can let other Moms know who are having trouble with milk supply. I am so grateful!


*I have struggled with low milk supply since my baby was about 5 weeks old. I had tried everything to increase my supply. Lactiful is definitely working and I feel a lot better about breastfeeding. I am still having to use some formula, but I have reduced my formula by 50% since starting lactiful. DO take the pills as instructed and give it the whole two weeks to start working. I didn't see a change until about day 10-11. I already placed a re-order. Thanks, Ashley in CT.

Rebecca Lievers

*I absolutely love the product and have had an increase in supply. Thanks, Rebecca

Brandy Shillings-Owens

*Lactiful is an amazing product! Hands down incredible!

Autumn Hammond

*I did not find an increase in my pumping while at work but was able to pump excess after feeding my daughter at home. I think this is a fabulous product. I work in childcare, and love your product so much I have already recommended it to a few pregnant moms who are considering breastfeeding this time around.


*With my first, I always knew that I wanted to nurse. When the doctor told me that she wasn't gaining weight and that I would have to supplement, I cried. When the lactation consultant said that I was only feeding her about half an ounce, sometimes less, I got pretty depressed. We continued to nurse while taking fenugreek and using an SNS with formula until she was 10 months but I never did make more than about half an ounce per feeding. She was mainly formula fed. Now, with my second daughter, I knew I needed to try something different. I heard about Lactiful from a friend and decided to give it a try. With the money back guarantee, there was no risk, so I said, why not. I was discharged from the hospital when my daughter was three days old and started Lactiful immediately (having already ordered a bottle). It took about the full two weeks to take effect and in the meantime the doctor gave us the news that we would again have to supplement as I was underproducing. We needed to give an ounce of formula per feeding. I continued with the Lactiful and pumping and noticed that my daughter would start throwing up with her formula supplements. We discovered that her belly wasn't big enough to hold the milk I was giving her plus the formula. We cut out the formula when she was two weeks and have continued on a strict Lactiful plan (with only once a day pumping) since. She is now three months old and above the 95th percentile for her height, weight, and head (an upgrade from the 50th percentile when she wasn't gaining before Lactiful). If you're having supply issues, I highly reccomend Lactiful. I will probably always have a borderline supply and will always have to work on it (sufferer of PCOS), but I can say that I am now exclusively breastfeeding my daughter. I couldn't say that before Lactiful.

Hannah Payne

*The booklet that came with was wonderful, it had a lot of information that I had never been told about, even from 3 different lactation consultants. I do HIGHLY recommend your product to anyone with low milk supply. I have recommended you to my local hospital's lactation dept, so hopefully other mothers can benefit from your product!

Katie Anderson

*I will re-order as I do believe in the product but it impresses me more that you are willing to take the time to really help me- which tells me you do believe in the product and are committed to helping your customers. I really cannot thank you enough. I am going to re-order the three bottle supply. There is no way for me to adequately express my gratitude to you for taking the time to help me. Blessings to you!!!

(name withheld)

*This is my second baby boy and with the first I tried to breastfeed but I gave up when I thought I didnt have enough milk to satisfy him. This time around I told my husband I was not going to give up so he said ok. I tried the mothers milk tea, somesort of drops none of it worked. I stumbled upon this and thought I would give it a try I liked it, I had pumped 5 oz when I was use to pumping a mere 3 oz. I would recommend this to others.

Lida Chryniwsky

*My co-worker swears by Lactiful, and we pumped together yesterday (she doubled my quantity), so I do see that it works.

Anastasia Billeci

*I decided I have to do something before my milk is gone. I bought Lactiful and Breastea tea at the same time. Lactiful was so expensive but worth the try. I haven't tried Breastea yet. Lactiful comes with a long list of dos and don'ts to increase your millk supply. I think it's helping. My now 4 mos old doesn't cry for more food. He is satisfied and doesn't pull my nipples like crazy as he used to 2 mos ago. After he is finished I'm able to pump up to 1.5 oz. or 2. It used to be less than an ounce.


*I love Lactiful and have refered it to a couple of the breastfeeding moms I work with. I will be purchasing a second bottle.

(name withheld)

*I rarely do reviews but I totally had to share my experience. I'm normally the person that doesn't get the same results as others but not this time around.<br><br> I was very skeptical but desperate to get my milk supply up for my then 2 month only son. After a month of only being able to pump about 4 to 5 oz a day i did some research and discovered products that can help increase milk supply. I tried Fenugreek and Blessed thistle as well as mother's milk tea and didn't see any change. I was almost at the point of giving up when someone mentioned Lactiful. I gave it a shot and whoa, I'm pumping about 10 to 12 oz a day within 3 days of starting Lactiful. I went from giving my son 6 oz to 10 oz a day of breast milk. While not much, I'll take whatever breast milk I can give him! What is unique is that typically my supply dwindles down towards the end of the day but sometimes I can get about 3oz when I do my last pump before bed like 10pm.<br><br> I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone wanting to increase their supply. I think the one benefit of Lactiful is that it has almost all herbs mixed in so you dont have to buy different pills. Thanks Lactiful!!

Dani Bryant

*I started to see a reduction in my milk when my son was about 4 months so i said what the hay let's try Lactiful... My son is now 9 months old and is still going strong.


*It took about a week before I noticed a difference, I wish I would have known about this when we had our daughter. I plan on pumping until my LO is 6 months, I already have a deep freeze full to the brim that I think should last until he's 1. Lactiful is totally worth the $$


*At 8 months old, I decided it was time to wean my baby off of breastmilk and onto formula. I had dropped to one pump per day and used up all my frozen stash. Made several attempts and tried different brands of formula, and he refused to drink it. This left me no choice but to try and build my supply back up again and continue giving him breastmilk. After drinking the Mother's Milk tea and not having much of an increase, I researched online and stumbled upon Lactiful and thought it couldn't hurt to try.

I started taking Lactiful and followed the eating plan and relaxation techniques given with the free handbook "Milk Up," (editor's note: now updated to The Lactiful Method booklet) along with pumping 3x day. My supply went from 4oz a day to 25oz. a day in only 3-4 days! I'm very pleased with the results and after a week of taking Lactiful, I'm up to 27oz breastmilk per day and it's been steady at only pumping 2x day.

Now I can continue giving my son breastmilk. It's what he wants and I know it's better for him than any formula on the market. Anyone who thinks it's too late to increase their supply or is struggling to make enough milk should try this product. You have nothing to lose! I'm glad I took a chance and now I can give my little guy breastmilk until he's one years old. I never imagined I'd make it this far.

Good luck to all the moms who want to give their babies the best and most natural nutrition available - momma's milk!


*I am a mother of three girls and have always had very low milk supply. When I had my forth girl I was determined to do anything or take anything that would give me the miracle of producing more breastmilk. I've tried other natural products but didn't see much difference. When I tried Lactiful I noticed a change from having almost nothing to producing almost half of what my baby needs. This means alot to me. I breastfeed full time and supplement once in a while but I'm happy to know that I can produce breast milk and this product gave me a good boost in my supply. Thanks.

Yocasta Gonzales

*I bought a bottle and loved it. I am able to feed my baby as much as she needs. Never noticed how much she can actually drink.


*I have just ordered my second batch of lactiful supply max. First I ordered the 3 bottles and did again this time. I will take this until I am done pumping for my daughter. It has become an absolute necessary part of my daily routine. It has helped to maintain my milk supply and I am sooooo pleased with the product. I would suggest it to any mother who is having problems with low milk supply. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Barnett

*Five months ago i ordeed lactiful and it was aweseome. i was able to boost my milk supply.

Maria Soriano

*When my baby was born I knew I wanted to breastfeed her for a long time, at least a year. I have a 6 year old son that I only fully breastfed until 4 months because I had no help or idea how to deal with low milk supply. With my daughter everything was going great until about a month in, when incorrect latching caught up and I could not put her to my breast. I went from pumping 4 ounces to maybe 1/4 between both breasts. I was desperate. I was about to go back to work and I barely had milk stored, maybe 4-10 ounces. So I drank the tea, which I love but really doesn't do much for me. I went to the lactation consultant but my baby was gaining well ( because she was latched on 24/7 and that had to change). I was desperate. I went to work but I had maybe five ounces to give them so I went to daycare every hour and a half (luckily the daycare in across the street from my job) but I couldn't keep that up. I finally found Lactiful on the internet and I actually convinced my husband with the idea they have on the page...prices of formulas vs I started to feel fuller in a couple of days and I have gone from 1/4 ounce to at least 5 ounces per pumping session. The low- milk supply reversal pamphlet is awesome but I really don't have the time or place to pump during the day. I am a Soldier and I work from 6 am to at least 6 pm everyday. I go feed my daughter at least 3-4 times per day between those hours. My supply is not as great as some of the other reviewers but for sure these tablets have made it possible for my daughter to still be breastfeeding. Try them!!!

Nicole Ver Pault

*Lactiful continues to be part of my supplemental life in maintaining my milk supply for my son. As a corporate executive, stress and time are ever weighted against pumping and producing an adequate milk supply. My extended family has not been supportive of breast feeding and I have no time for mother's groups or "me" time. As an executive any "free time" I am able to squeeze out of my day/week is automatically slated for time with my children. I tried formula to supplement as stress reduced my supply and my poor little 8 week old seemed to be starving. He broke out in hives, a rash all over his body, inconsolable tears and crying, puffy eyes and a small amount of blood in his stool when I fed him formula. The pediatrician indicated that he may have a cow's milk protein issue and that breast feeding was best. I went online and searched and found nothing but references to La Leche League meetings for guidance and the local hospital said nurse him 24/7 and your supply should increase. (Hey what about sleep???) I went back to work part time 6 days after my c-section. Nursing 24/7 was not an option and I gave up on sleep. I again went back to the internet and found Lactiful. The booklet that came with it saved my nursing relationship with my son and also saved us a very unhappy boy as this product truly increased my supply in 48 hours. With increasing my fluid intake, eating more calories and pumping much more often and thoroughly (which they don't teach you in the hospital and should), I was able to not only satisfy my son but build up a frozen storage of enough milk for almost a month of feedings. This was paramount with the two week long conferences I had to attend and could not take baby with me. Now that he has been on solids, I only pump twice a day and produce 8-12 ounces a day in pumping which we use for oatmeal at the sitter's and home. He nurses three times a day and takes a cup of water in between as he is now 10 months old. He is in the 50th percentile in weight and height and he is attaining his milestones early. He currently is standing unassisted and trying desperately to walk. He has a number of words and is trying so hard to communicate more fully. He has only had two colds and no ear infections since birth. I cannot say it enough, Lactiful and the support it provides, saved my son months of digestive issues that would have resulted had I not continued to breast feed and also gave him an immune system that by far exceeds infants who are formula fed. My oldest was formula fed due to low milk supply and I have to say our first year was constant in and out of the pediatrician's office with ear infections, sinus infections, etc. I work 45-60 hours a week and I am able to provide breast milk without formula supplementation to my son. If I can do it, ANY woman can. Thank you Lactiful!

Amy Rogers

*I have to say I was a bit sceptical at first. I placed my order and even after receiving it, hesitated to begin the regiman. My baby has latch-on issues, so the most of her milk is pumped and given by bottle. I was having to supplement at least one bottle of formula per day. I contacted my lactation nurse and she told me the product sounded great to her. After receiving her approval, I began taking Lactiful. Everything the product offers has proven true. I am pumping enough to stay about six bottles ahead. My breasts do feel fuller quicker. It took about four days to see a difference. Having enough milk was a fear I had each day, but now I feel secure that milk is always there for my baby. I would advise anyone to give Lactiful a try. I do continue to drink plenty of water and eat healthy meals and snacks, but I will continue to use Lactiful as long as it works for me.

Megan Smith

*I am finally just about to be able to fully nurse with no formula!!!


*I saw an increase in my supply right away. I wish I had known about this sooner!!


*When I ordered lactiful, I was at the point of having to supplement or possibly stop breastfeeding altogether. My supply was next to nothing. I had already tried many home remedies with no success. Now my supply is slowly returning, and due to Lactiful, I never had to supplement.


I'm so glad I got my supply back.


*I am very thankful for this product without it my baby would have a to supplement with formula. Thank you lactiful!


*I am satisfied; I am producing enough milk to keep my son going with only a bit of formula supplementation.

Brandy Shillings-Owens

*Been meaning to post this for weeks, for all those with supply problems that are leary to spend the money on Lactiful I can tell you it is worth every single penny. I would be done with breastfeeding if it weren't for this truly amazing product. More than double my supply! I have a let down at least every hour n a half when I never felt one except for when I first got my supply in November. I used to have nothing to feed him in the evenings but now he hasnt had formula in a month and I pump 6-8 ounces in the mornings about an hour after he eats. It's simply amazing and took all my bf'ing stresses away.

*DISCLAIMER: These reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by their authors. Lactiful LLC makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or validity of the information expressed by the authors of these reviews, and assumes no responsibility or liability regarding the use of such information. Lactiful LLC does not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews. Reviews are not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical care or the advice of a physician or other medical professional. Also keep in mind that there are many causes of low milk supply and actual results of Lactiful Supply Max vary from mom to mom. If you try Lactiful and are not happy with the results in any way, you are protected by The Lactiful Guarantee. You may return Lactiful for a complete refund at any time, for any reason. Return shipping is free. See our Guarantee page for more information.