The Lactiful Guarantee™

Get a No-Hassle, No-Stress, 100% refund if you're not happy with your milk increase. It's that simple.

While Lactiful works great for most women1, there are some situations that Lactiful does not help in a meaningful way. If you try Lactiful and are not happy with the results for any reason, we hope you will take advantage of The Lactiful Guarantee™ and accept a full refund. All we ask is that you try Lactiful, at the full dose, for 14 days. While most moms see the increase before then, some don't see the increase until day 14.

If you are not happy with your increase in breast milk production, get a 100% refund.
We will provide you a pre-paid return label, if we want you to return your tablets.
The Lactiful Guarantee™ has no time limit.
Shipping and Returns are always free.


We believe returns should be easy, but due to past abuse of our guarantee we've had to add a few rules:

  1. A return can only be processed on your most recent order. (We had a few customers order many times, then request refunds for all of their orders.)
  2. You may only receive one refund. If you have ordered and returned Lactiful and decide to place another order, that order (and all future orders) will not qualify for the guarantee.
  3. If you reorder multiple bottles of Lactiful because you are happy with your results, you may end up with one or more unopened bottles after you have achieved your breastfeeding/pumping goals. If this is the case, you may return your unopened bottle(s) for a refund. Lactiful will provide a pre-paid return shipping label and after your return arrives, we will process a refund for the value of the unopened bottle(s). For example if you purchase our "Order 1, Get 1 Half Off" special for $145 and you use one bottle and return one unopened bottle, your refund will be for half of the $145 or $72.50.

How to Make a Return

Returns are easy. Just complete the simple form on the returns page and we'll take it from there. A link to the returns page can be found at the top of every page in our main navigation, and here: Returns Page

An Increase in Breast Milk Supply May Take Up To 2 Weeks*

Herbal treatments are not like pain medication where you take two tablets and notice the effect within a couple of hours. Herbs are more like food, and the effects of food take a while to show up in your body. Imagine if you ate nothing but high calorie ice cream. You won't have gained weight two hours after your first serving, but give it 2 weeks and it will definitely show up on the scale.

The herbs in Lactiful are much the same; most women notice their milk increasing in about 7 days.* Some a little earlier, a few not until 14 days. If it's been more than 14 days at the full dose and you have not seen any increase in breast milk supply, it is very unlikely that further use will result in an increase. The only reason to not take Supply Max for 2 weeks is if either you or your baby experience a strong negative reaction. See the FAQ for possible side effects. This happens in about 1% of customers. If it happens, you should stop taking Lactiful and start a return. If you have taken Lactiful for 14 days at the full dose and are not happy with your increase, you should start a return.

1 Claim that Lactiful works for most women based on a 2012 Observational Study that linked a milk increase with Lactiful Supply Max in 67% of study participants.

Lactiful Supply Max

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