Have the MILK SUPPLY You've Always Wanted

 Increased milk supply for breastfeeding*
More milk supply for pumping*
Quicker and stronger let-downs*
Even, increased milk-producing breast tissue*

Are you STRUGGLING with milk production?

Are you FRUSTRATED by your low milk supply?

You're not alone. Many moms come to us feeling desperate. Their milk supply is low and they don't understand why. Some have tried all sorts of measures. But nothing has worked.

They worry their baby isn't getting enough milk. Maybe their baby is not gaining appropriate weight. For some, evenings are so stressful - their low milk supply seems at its lowest when baby needs it the most. Breastfeeding isn't joyous and fulfilling, it's frustrating and filled with crying and flailing, and feelings of doubt.

Some moms are returning to work and are anxious about keeping up with baby's demands. If you've felt any of these things, you’ve come to the right place.

Just for a moment, IMAGINE...

Imagine what it would be like if your breasts felt heavy and full of milk.

Think of the joy you would feel as you watch your baby gulping milk at the breast before drifting off to sleep, full and satisfied.

What would you feel if every time you pumped, you got six ounces of milk? Surprise? Amazement? Pride?

Picture your freezer stocked with bags upon bags of your frozen breast milk.

All of this and more is possible with Lactiful Supply Max.*

How it WORKS

Lactiful Supply Max contains a very strong blend of 12 ingredients to get you making more milk right away.* In fact, it's so strong you'd have to take more than three times the daily dose of our next strongest competitor to get the same strength in Lactiful.

But strength alone isn't what makes Lactiful such a miracle worker.* It's the blend of ingredients, and the combination of them working together in just the right ratio that makes Lactiful Supply Max work better than each of the ingredients taken separately.

Fenugreek Seed: Milk Making Powerhouse*

The most recommended herb for increasing breast milk production, fenugreek use has been traced back to ancient Egyptian times. There's no need to travel to the great pyramids, Lactiful has this herb in abundance.

Blessed Thistle: Milk Making Support Staff*

This ingredient plays a key support role in boosting milk production.* If fenugreek were a surgeon, blessed thistle would be the head nurse; assisting and helping every step of the way.

Alfalfa: Lactation Hormone Aid*

Alfalfa is a hard worker. Not only does she work days as a breast milk production facilitator* but you'll also find her working nights as an aid to the pituitary gland* which is the source of lactation hormones.

Marshmallow Root: Nutrition Supercharger*

Our super hero ingredient. It super charges all the other ingredients by increasing the body's ability to absorb.* It works so well that any medication you are on should be taken 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking Lactiful Supply Max.

Nettle Leaf: Milk Supply Booster*

The stinging nettle leaf has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde vibe going on. As the evil Mr. Hyde, nettle leaf enjoys stinging unsuspecting people and blistering skin, but as the stylish and handsome Dr. Jekyll, which is what you get in Lactiful Supply Max, he is a first rate doctor of breast milk production.*

Anise Seed: Multifaceted Wonder*

There's so much to love about anise seed. It aids in boosting breast milk production.* It increases the milk ejection or milk letdown reflex* which gets the milk out of the breast and into baby or the pump bottles quicker and easier. And, it's still not done. Anise seed helps reduce colic!* What an ingredient.

Fennel Seed: Milk Ejection Specialist*

If you pump or are having trouble achieving letdowns, Fennel Seed is the ingredient for you. It promotes the milk ejection reflex.* You'll be amazed at how fast and how full you can get those pumping bottles! Even if you don't pump, your baby will benefit by getting your milk flowing sooner and in greater volume at each breastfeeding session.

Goat's Rue: Breast Tissue Builder*

Goat's rue is from the same plant family as Fenugreek Seed, so it also works to naturally increase your milk supply.* But it's true power is that it promotes the building of milk-making breast tissue!* Goat's rue is typically the "secret" ingredient behind bust-size enhancing supplements.

What's so SPECIAL?

 Easy. LACTIFUL works even when nothing else does.

So many of our customers come to us desperate for help. They've already tried everything else they know of. Other products, increased pumping, diet changes. They've hired professionals, even tried off-label pharmaceuticals and don't know what else to do.

A 2012 study showed that Lactiful increases breast milk production for 2 out of 3 women. That statistic includes these women who have tried "everything else", including many other commercial products that didn't work. Yet, Lactiful still worked for 2 out of 3 of these desperate moms. Results do vary from mom to mom that's why we protect your purchase with The Lactiful Guarantee™.


We have so many, many mothers share their inspiring stories with us. Women who have had unimaginable struggles, who have found hope and then success with Lactiful. Please spend some time with these stories. We think you'll find them as inspiring as we do!

Tap here for numerous success stories.

I struggle with milk supply and needed something to help increase my supply. I had to supplement with formula in the first month but after taking this product and reading the booklet that comes with, I no longer need to supplement with formula…I am so grateful that I found this product!…Thank you supply max!!! -Kellie

If You are Not HAPPY with Your Milk Increase After 14 Days, You Get Your Money Back!

We are so confident that you will experience a significant increase in breast milk production that we can provide you an all-inclusive, unlimited guarantee: You may return Lactiful Supply Max™ at any time, for any reason, and receive a quick, 100% refund. You are the judge. We even pay for return shipping. See The Lactiful Guarantee page for all the details.

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