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You're Not the Only One Frustrated by Low Milk Supply

Are you trying to increase your milk production - but nothing seems to work? Is your baby frantic and frustrated while at the breast? Are you disappointed with your pumping output? You are not alone! Nearly half of all breastfeeding mothers feel they need to increase milk production to satisfy their baby's needs.1

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Packing nearly 10,000 milligrams of milk-making herbs in each daily dose, Lactiful is the strongest supplement available for reversing low milk production.2

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Edited by a team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and NICU RNs this 64 page booklet is your step-by-step plan for boosting your milk production and keeping it there. It's included with every new order.

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Lactiful is the ultimate all-in-one solution. 12 ingredients combine to boost milk production, build milk-making breast tissue, increase the milk-ejection reflex, increase absorption, aid digestion, reduce colic and more.* Explore our ingredients & FDA-registered lab.

Proven Success Rate

A 2012 study showed that Lactiful increases breast milk production for 7 out of 10 women who are "resistant to treatment". That's the term the study used to define moms who tried another lactation supplement, but were not happy with the results. Moms who saw an increase with Lactiful increased their milk supply by nearly 15 ounces per day! Results do vary from mom to mom that's why your purchase is protected by The Lactiful Guarantee™.

The Lactiful Guarantee™

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The Lactiful Guarantee™ has no time limit. If you are not happy with Lactiful for any reason, please request a refund by filling out this short form. Shipping and returns are always free. See The Lactiful Guarantee page for complete information.

Been meaning to post this for weeks, for all those with supply problems that are leary to spend the money on Lactiful I can tell you it is worth every single penny. I would be done with breastfeeding if it weren't for this truly amazing product. More than double my supply! I have a let down at least every hour n a half when I never felt one except for when I first got my supply in November. I used to have nothing to feed him in the evenings but now he hasnt had formula in a month and I pump 6-8 ounces in the mornings about an hour after he eats. It's simply amazing and took all my bf'ing stresses away.

Brandy Shillings-Owens

I have to say I was a bit sceptical at first. I placed my order and even after receiving it, hesitated to begin the regiman. My baby has latch-on issues, so the most of her milk is pumped and given by bottle. I was having to supplement at least one bottle of formula per day. I contacted my lactation nurse and she told me the product sounded great to her. After receiving her approval, I began taking Lactiful. Everything the product offers has proven true. I am pumping enough to stay about six bottles ahead.

Amy Rogers

I am a mother of three girls and have always had very low milk supply. When I had my forth girl I was determined to do anything or take anything that would give me the miracle of producing more breastmilk. I've tried other natural products but didn't see much difference. When I tried Lactiful I noticed a change from having almost nothing to producing almost half of what my baby needs. This means alot to me.

Carla H

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1 The claim that nearly half of breastfeeding mothers feel they need to increase breast milk production to meet their baby's needs is based on a 2008 study that appeared in Pediatrics journal titled, "Why Mothers Stop Breastfeeding." The study showed that 49.5% of mothers answered, "breast milk alone did not satisfy my baby" as the reason they decided to stop breastfeeding. See the full study here.

2 The claim of strongest supplement available based on an August 2017 review of all lactation supplements listed on Amazon.com.