Why Lactiful?

The Lactiful Guarantee

Our promise is to increase your milk supply (to a level you are happy with) or to give you a complete refund. We provide free shipping and free return shipping. This guarantee has no time limit! See all the details of our amazing Lactiful Guarantee here.

Lactiful Method Booklet

Free Book

Free with every new order! Imagine a highly skilled lactation consultant that creates a custom breastfeeding or pumping plan (or both!) that's suited just for your unique situation and you have The Lactiful Method. With this informative book you'll have all the knowledge, skills and a step-by-step plan to dramatically increase your milk production. See all the details of this free book here.

Get Inspired: Customer Stories

So many moms share their breastfeeding and pumping stories with us and we are happy to share these inspiring stories with you. See the struggles, the frustrations and ultimately the joy and strength of reaching personal goals here.