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Q   My milk supply is not as high as I want it to be. Can Lactiful help?

Lactiful increases breast milk production in most women who try it. It works by combining the world's strongest herbal supplement (a combination of 8 all-natural, milk-increasing ingredients) with a targeted eduction program. Together these make an effective treatment for low milk supply.

Q   Does Lactiful really work?

Breastfed babies are signficantly healthier than formula fed babies

In a 2012 observational study of Lactiful users, 67% experienced a significant increase in breast milk production within 14 days of treatment. Of the women who experienced an increase, the average increase was an additional 14.8 ounces of breast milk production per woman, per day.

Q   How soon will I see results?

Most women (60%) experience an increase in breast milk production on or before day 7 of starting Lactiful. The remainder who experience an increase see that increase by day 14.

Q   What are the most common side effects of Lactiful?

The most common side effects of using Lactiful are mild gastrointestinal discomfort such as gas, upset stomach and bloating. These effects are more common in the mother but can also occur in the breastfed baby.

Q   Are there any guarantees?

Lactiful guarantees that each user will experience a meaningful increase in breast milk production or that user will be fully refunded their entire purchase price and all shipping charges.

Q   How long has Lactiful been around?

Lactiful was designed, created and tested in 2009. Commercial production began at Lactiful's FDA-certified lab in January 2010 and initial sales began in February 2010.

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