Failure to Thrive

A True Story, in the Mother's Own Words

My heart fell as I saw my lactation consultant write, "Failure to thrive," on my daughter's chart. I wanted her to take those words back, but most of all, I wanted it not to be true.


Do you wonder if your baby is getting enough milk? Are people telling you to supplement?

You want to do what's best for your baby, you want to breastfeed, but it's hard. I know, I've been there. I've gone through it all. There is help. Read on.

My daughter weighed 7 lbs when she was born one week early. She was perfect in every way. Then her weight dropped to 6 lbs 5 oz, and stayed there. She would not gain weight. We would nurse for over an hour at a time, every 2 hours. I pumped after each nursing and did everything the professionals told me to do, but she always seemed hungry.


It was so hard to see her cry.


I had to have her weighed every other day, and we made no progress. My husband thought we should just give her formula, but breastfeeding was so important to me. Our friends would say, "Just give her a bottle," but I knew breastfeeding was the best thing for her...then my lactation consultant said I needed to supplement - I didn't know what to do.

Do you feel like you're doing everything you can and it's just not enough? Have you returned to work and you need to be able to pump more? Did you hemorrhage after birth and are suffering from low milk supply? Do you feel completely drained by evening, like there's nothing more to give, but that's when your baby seems to need you the most?

For me, the answers to all of those questions were yes. I felt like the world was just stacked against me and my tiny baby. I was concerned about pumping milk and storing it to go back to work. But the professionals said, "No way, you need to pump throughout the day, and then give it to your baby at night." Every time I pumped I was excited to get that tiny amount, hoping that I'd have some stored by the time I needed to go back to work, but then evening would come, and my baby cried out in hunger after every nursing, so I surrendered and put on the supplement tube to share my liquid gold with her. She'd suck it down in minutes, then flail in frustration wanting more.

I didn't have more.

I knew that breastfeeding was the best, the only way...

I refused to give up. I ignored those people that didn't understand my determination and searched for a solution. I found it in Lactiful Supply Max - an amazing combination of natural herbs that truly helped. The difference in my body was night and day. I know my milk came in after my daughter was born. But after weeks of struggling, Lactiful Supply Max made it so that my milk truly came in. I experienced such a tremendous breast milk increase. I remember being so ecstatic after being awakened in the middle of the night by a wet shirt. My breasts had leaked so much during the middle of the night I had to get up and pump because I was so uncomfortable. For the first time, I really truly had enough milk. During those coming weeks my daughter would chug at the breast. Our nursing times were cut in half and I could tell she was satisfied. I continued to pump, but I got so much more. And I got to store it up and have a bank of milk in the freezer for when I returned to work. I had done it, and we were all so happy. But how?

I tried the teas and herbs on my own
but wasn't getting the results my baby needed

After my lactation consultant wrote, "Failure to Thrive" on my daughter's chart she wanted me to try the tea for increasing breast milk supply. She even gave me a bunch of packets to get started. Five times a day I'd boil water and time how long it had to steep and squeeze that tea bag, just like you're supposed to. My daughter is so physical and flails a lot even when nursing and I was so nervous to have that super hot tea near her. I thought the tea tasted terrible, but I was willing to do anything to be able to breastfeed her. Unfortunately it didn't help me at all. I also tried taking fenugreek like so many people suggested but it wasn't until I tried Lactiful Supply Max that my milk truly came in. You see, Supply Max is different.

It's the blend that's so special

I learned that Lactiful Supply Max uses eight all natural herbs that have been used for centuries by mothers in other cultures to increase milk supply. The eight herbs support each other low milk supply tablet sizeand combine together to increase milk supply like no other. I didn't experience any negative side effects (except the engorgement!) You take 5 tablets, 3 times per day. The tablets are the size of m&ms and are very easy to swallow. I'd just take the tablets with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was such a welcome change after having spent so much time away from my daughter preparing that tea.

The Lactiful Guarantee satisfied my husband

I was willing to do anything to be able to breastfeed my baby and when I found Lactiful I wanted to order immediately. My husband however, was grumpy about spending $100 on "some pills." So I went online and showed him how much formula costs and made an estimate how many cans of it we'd need to buy over the next six to eight months and he started to understand. I also showed him the amazing guarantee that basically says, if Lactiful Supply Max doesn't work for any reason we can get a full refund at any time. They even pay shipping both ways. After seeing that he laughed and said, "I'll place the order for you!" I love my man. He now agrees that it was some of the best money we ever spent on our baby.

I know what you are going through - here's my advice

Don't wait. If it works for you, you'll have an amazing nursing relationship with your baby and words can't describe how special that is. If it doesn't work for you, you'll get a full refund and they even pay shipping both ways, so it doesn't cost you anything to try it. I love, love, love my nursing relationship with my baby and my hope is that you will find the same joy with your baby.

Renae Stephens

Walker, MN

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"I didn't leave a review when I first bought this product, which I bought twice. It literally worked for me in like 2 days. I was a working nursing mother and often stress and life interfered with my milk supply, and I needed some help. Thank GOD I chose Lactiful an amazing product. When I have another baby I will have a supply on hand for those times. 5 STAR!!!" -Laney

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The Lactiful Guarantee

The Lactiful Guarantee

We are so confident that you, like thousands of other mothers, will experience a dramatic increase in breast milk production that we can provide you an amazing guarantee: You may return Lactiful Supply Max™ at any time, for any reason, and receive a quick, 100% refund. You are the judge. If we disappoint you in any way, request a refund on our returns page and we will process your refund in 2 business days. We pay return shipping costs and there are never any restocking fees, RMAs, time limits or hassles. See The Lactiful Guarantee in its entirety

Study Links Lactiful to Increased Milk Production

Observational study shows most moms increase breast milk supply while taking Lactiful Supply Max

A 2012 observational study shows a link between moms who take Lactiful Supply Max and an increase in milk supply. The results are particularly outstanding because the majority of moms that took part in the study had an "untreatable" low milk supply condition, which means that they had tried other means and other products to increase their milk supply without success. See the published study here.

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