Newborn Wet Diapers

How Many Should You See?

mom changes a newborn's wet diaper

Newborn wet diaper¬†counting is recommended to parents when low milk supply is suspected because it’s easy to do and it can alert you fairly quickly if there is a problem. In simple terms Output (poop and pee) is directly tied to input (breastfeeding).

Here are the guidelines for newborn wet diapers and dirty. For pee: Three or less sopping wet diapers over 24 hours indicates low milk supply. For poop: It’s only reliable if the baby is 6 weeks old and¬†younger. If so, then two or less dirty diapers in 24 hours indicates low milk supply. (After 6 weeks of age, bowel habits vary too much from baby to baby to be a useful indicator.)

In general, counting newborn wet diapers can be extremely inaccurate – what counts as a wet diaper? One pee? Three pees? Bulging in all directions? “sopping wet” may be a good description, but who lets their baby’s diaper get to sopping? More importantly, counting newborn wet diapers can only indicate a possible low milk supply condition. It doesn’t tell you exactly how much milk you ARE making. Be sure to see our article on measuring your milk supply so that you can tell for certain if you have low milk supply. [Article Coming Soon!]

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