Importance of Breastfeeding

 The First Two Weeks

Breastfeeding a newborn babyThe importance of breastfeeding the first two weeks after baby is born can not be understated! During this critical time important breastfeeding hormone receptors are created and the number of receptors that are created effectively determine a ceiling on a mom’s milk supply. If a large number of receptors are created the milk supply will have a high ceiling and if few receptors are created, then a low milk supply ceiling will be established.

Here’s an analogy for how it works from the technology field. Have you ever bought a battery powered product, such as a phone, that wanted you to charge it for a really long time – like 16 hours – before you used it? This initial long charge time determines the capacity of the battery. If you didn’t follow the directions and only charged it for a couple of hours, the battery will have a far less maximum charge than it should. Maybe instead of running for 20 hours it’ll only run for 8 before it’s out of juice. No amount of charging will get it to run for more than that 8 hour “ceiling” that was set during the first charge.

The Importance of Breastfeeding The First 7 To 14 Days

The first week to two weeks after giving birth, breasts behave in much the same way. The amount of stimulation they receive sets the bar for the maximum milk production. If your breasts don’t get frequent and complete milk withdrawal soon after birth, a ceiling is put on your milk production and your body will find it very difficult to generate more milk above that ceiling. That’s why there is so much importance put on the breastfeeding during the first two weeks postpartum. heart-logo

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