Low Supply Of Breastmilk

Causes Of Low Supply Of Breastmilk

Low supply of breastmilk will often show up on the baby scale.

Low supply of breastmilk will often show up on the baby scale.

There are many, many causes of low breastmilk supply which is the main reason it is so difficult to treat. Women who are struggling with low breastmilk supply see reviews or hear success stories from friends and other moms about a certain treatment, but when they try that same treatment it doesn’t increase their breastmilk supply at all. Why does this happen?

It’s because the moms had different underlying causes of low breastmilk supply and what worked for one mom, didn’t help the other. So the first step in treating a low supply of breastmilk is to try to determine why your breastmilk supply is low. What is the cause?

In the past, we’ve written in this blog about the 27 causes of low breastmilk supply and the information in that article and the articles that it links to is still the best way to investigate and pinpoint exactly what is causing your low supply of breastmilk and what to do about it.

Illness is cause of low brestmilk supply

Illness is cause of low brestmilk supply.

Causes range from baby-specific issues such as poor latch or being tongue-tied to mom-specific issues such as insufficient calories or water intake to thyroid disorder. So the first step is to do the research and if you can pinpoint the specific cause, follow the advice for correcting it. So go to the article on the 27 causes of low breastmilk supply first but then come back here for the next section, because once you fix the cause, you still will need to treat your low breastmilk supply.

Think of it this way: You have a bucket filled with water. This represents your breastmilk supply. But there’s a hole in your bucket and the water is leaking out. This is the cause of your low breastmilk supply. When you find and fix the cause, you’ve patched the bucket and it’s no longer leaking, however the amount of water in your bucket is still low – your breastmilk supply is still low and it will remain low until you put more water back in the bucket (treat your low breast milk supply).

Treatments For Low Supply Of Breastmilk

By now you should have tried to “patch your bucket” – meaning find your specific cause of low breastmilk supply and are now ready to “refill your bucket.” Please note that if you were not able to find a specific cause of your low breastmilk supply, you should still go ahead with the treatment described here.

pump after breastfeeding to treat low breastmilk supplyStep one is to let your body know that you want it to increase breastmilk supply. You do this by increasing the amount of breastmilk that removed and by increasing how often breastmilk is removed. Your body is “pre-programmed” to increase production when baby goes through regular growth spurts so we’ll use that built-in ability to increase production even through baby probably isn’t going through a growth spurt. Here’s how:

  1. Pump both breasts after each breastfeeding session for at least 7 minutes or until no more milk is coming out, whichever is longer.
  2. Pump or breastfeed about every 3 hours. If baby is sleeping, pump instead of breastfeeding.

Now that you’ve increased the amount of milk that’s being removed, your body is set to increase breastmilk production. The final step in conquering low breastmilk supply is to give your body a breastmilk booster, such as Lactiful Supply Max. This all-natural blend of 8 herbs was shown in a 2012 observational study to boost breastmilk supply in 75% of the women who tried it. How much of a boost? Of the women who saw an increase, the boosted their breastmilk production by 14.8 ounces of additional breastmilk per mom, per day!

In closing, if you are suffering from a low supply of breastmilk, begin by searching out the cause and if you find it, fixing it to the best of your ability. Next increase breastmilk removal and give your body a breastmilk production booster with a supplement like Lactiful Supply Max. You can learn more about Lactiful Supply Max in 30 seconds by going hereClick for more articles about how to increase milk supply

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