Ways To Get More Breast Milk

The 2 Basic Ways to Get More Breast Milk

You can either:

  1. Get breast milk from another sources (friend, relative, milk bank)
  2. Increase your own milk production

One Way To Get More Breast Milk: Get It From Another Source

If you need to get more breast milk for your baby very quickly – meaning in less time than it would typically take for you to get more breast milk from increasing your own milk supply – then getting breast milk from another source should be something you will want to investigate as long as you okay with the idea of giving your baby breast milk from another mother. The reasons you may want to do this:

  • You need breast milk in a hurry, because you are returning to work or school and you do not have a freezer stash of your own breast milk stored up.
  • You’ve been told to give a supplement to your baby, because of slow weight gain or some other medical issue and you do not want to give formula or baby has a reaction to or refuses formula.
  • Something has come up unexpectedly and you will be away from your baby for one or more days and you do not have a freezer stash and don’t want to or can’t give formula.

Whatever the reason for needing more breast milk fast, there are two basic  sources – someone you know or someone you don’t.

Get more breast milk from someone you know

If you know someone who is currently breastfeeding or exclusively pumping, or someone who was doing so in the last 12 months, approach them and explain your situation for needing to get more breast milk in a hurry. Most moms will be honored to help you if they can, either by pumping extra fresh milk for you or giving you breast milk that has been frozen.

If you get more breast milk in this way, you should be sure to pasteurize it.

Get more breast milk from someone you don’t know

If you don’t personally know anyone who is currently breastfeeding (or has been recently), you will need to get more breast milk from someone you don’t know. Find out who is your local Le Leche League leader and explain your situation. And if possible she will put you in contact with a mom who can help. If you get more breast milk in this way, you should pasteurize it.

If LLL is a dead end you can get more breast milk by ordering it from a milk bank. If there is not one close to you, many milk banks will ship frozen milk overnight in a cooler. Milk banks usually pasteurize all donated milk so you can skip that step.

The Second Way To Get More Breast Milk Is To Increase Your Own Breast Milk Production

If you are not in a huge hurry to get more breast milk, you should try to increase your own breast milk production. Here’s how:

  1. Take Lactiful Supply Max. A 2012 study linked increased breast milk to 75% of the moms who took this safe, all-natural, herbal supplement.
  2. Make sure baby is effectively breastfeeding. Correct any latch issues.
  3. Breastfeed baby on both sides during each breastfeeding session.
  4. Allow no more than 2 hours to elapse between the start of one breastfeeding session and the start of the next one during the day. 4 hours at night.
  5. Pump each breast for 10 minutes after baby has finished breastfeeding. Do this even if no milk comes out.

So there you have the ways to get more breast milk. We hope you enjoyed this article and if you have questions, post them in the comments below. Click for more articles about how to increase milk supply

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