Stimulate Milk Production

Stimulate Milk Production By Being Demanding

I have a friend who is a weightlifter. He hits the gym five days a week and after several years, he now has huge muscles from this neck to his calves. He made his muscles grow by demanding that they lift heavier and heavier weights, by eating the right diet and supplementing with extra protein and vitamins.

It’s interesting that to stimulate milk production a mom needs much the same things that a weightlifter needs. She needs the right diet and the right supplements and she needs to stimulate to her body to make more breast milk.

A weightlifter communicates to his body that he wants larger muscles by lifting heavy weights. You’ll communicate with your body that you want it to make more milk by increasing the demand on your milk production. It is that communication of increased demand that will stimulate milk production.

It’s helpful to keep in mind when struggling with milk production issues that our remarkable human bodies want to adapt to the demands we place on them. Muscles that are fatigued by heavy weights, respond by making more muscle. A person who decides to start jogging is easily exhausted after a short distance, but the body responds with improved conditioning, better lung function and stronger legs and that person can soon jog further and further before tiring. In the same way a mom who increases the demand on her milk supply will stimulate increased milk production.

Always remember:
Our bodies want to adapt to meet the demands we make of them. To stimulate milk production you have to do two things:

  1. Remove milk frequently
  2. Remove milk completely

Why is this the Best Way to Stimulate Milk Production?

Removing milk frequently and completely works because it speaks to your body in it’s native language. Your body comes wired to send and receive messages. A simple example is you feel hungry when you need to eat and you feel full when you should stop eating. Likewise your body is already wired to understand when it needs to increase milk production or when it needs to decrease milk production. Here’s how it works:

Your body produces milk and when your baby breastfeeds or you pump, milk is removed. The process of removing milk is what tells your body it needs to make more milk. Just like lifting heavy weights tells the muscles to get stronger. However when you go for long stretches of time between breastfeeding sessions or pumping milk is left in the breast. Your body knows when milk is left in the breast and it registers this as a signal to decrease milk production. This is just like a bodybuilder who no longer goes to the gym. The body sees that those muscles are not needed any longer and begins to break them down and the person gets weaker.

So provided there are not underlying issues that are preventing an increase in milk production (see our article on the 27 causes of low milk production), it’s possible to stimulate milk production by increasing the demand on your milk production.
To stimulate milk production it is a two step process and we have written an article for each. They are:

  1. Remove Milk Frequently
  2. Remove Milk Completely

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