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Can Lactation Herbs Increase Breast Milk Production?

Lactation HerbsTaking certain herbs can increase your milk production, especially when combined with a healthy diet and frequent and complete removal of breast milk. However it’s important to understand that there is no magic pill that is going to reverse low milk production 100% of the time for 100% of moms. There are certainly some very good herbal blends, like Lactiful, – but keep in mind there is no magic pill.

I knew a mother who bought every herb rumored to increase lactation. Her kitchen counter looked like a pharmacy! She made 8 cups of lactation tea every day and took capsules by the handfuls and yet her milk production remained low. Why?

Two reasons.

She thought that taking herbs was like taking aspirin. If you get a headache or have back pain, take a couple of aspirin and you’ll feel better in about half an hour. Aspirin is great. I’m a fan myself, but herbal supplements for lactation don’t work that way. You can’t take 2 capsules of an herbal supplement and be spraying milk all over your house a half hour later.

Aspirin is effective all on its own. Herbal supplements usually are not. They have to be combined with:

A holistic approach will always give you better results than pinning your hopes on herbs alone.

The second reason that “pharmacy mom” didn’t get results from lactation herbs was that she purchased the cheapest ones she could find. Unfortunately cheap herbs often mean low quality herbs with unknown medicinal qualities.

Naturopathic doctor Paul Saunders, ND, PhD says, “As a general rule in the herbs and supplement market, you get what you pay for.”

The 2 Options for Lactation Herbs

  1. Purchase an herbal lactation blend that uses high quality herbs from a reputable manufacturer, such as Supply Max from Lactiful.
  2. Become your own herbalist and purchase high quality lactation herbs and make your own lactation blend.

The benefits of option 1: Purchasing professional lactation herbs

  • You can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality lactation herbs
  • You benefit from getting a mature formula that has a proven track record for increasing milk supply for most mothers.
  • Dosing is much easier than option 2 since you only have one tablet to manage.
  • High quality manufacturers such as Lactiful back up their products with a 100% guarantee. So if it doesn’t work, you can get all of your money back. You don’t get this guarantee when buying your own lactation herbs (or with low quality commercial manufacturers – always check for a guarantee!)
  • Takes the least amount of time because all you have to do is place an order, and start taking the tablets. If you’re life is as chaotic and busy, it may not be realistic to put in the time to create your own herbal blend. Sometimes the best option is the easiest option, since it’s the one you’ll find time to do. The point is, consider your lifestyle when making this decision.

The benefits of option 2: Creating your own lactation herb blend

  • You have complete freedom to mix and match herbs to create your personal custom blend.
  • Feeds your inner scientist with hypothesis, experiments, and data tracking.
  • Increases your knowledge and understanding of lactation herbs and herbal remedies.

If option 1 is more your style, there isn’t much to say. Lactiful Supply Max can be ordered online. It comes with a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work and has had a study done that links Supply Max to an increase in breast milk production. If option 2 is more your style, the following will get you started.

The first step in creating your own lactation herbal blend is picking high quality herbs. You’ll only face defeat and disappointment if you take low quality, impotent herbs.

As a first step, read the following eHow article on how to choose quality herbs at:

The best herbs are often those you grow yourself, where you have complete control over the soil, planting, fertilizing and harvesting, however for most moms the issue of low milk supply needs to be addressed immediately. It is something to keep in mind for your next child, however. After you are pregnant, consider starting your own personal lactation herbal garden (if the mountain of laundry, kids’ activities, the demands of life, and space will allow).

The second best option is buying fresh, local, organic herbs from a farmer’s market or grocery store. These you can eat fresh, brew into tea, cook with or dry for later consumption. However it is often difficult to find Lactation herbs grown from local farmers.

The third best option is buying high quality dried and powdered herbs from reputable manufacturers. Avoid the lowest priced herbs. Instead opt for the middle or high end of the spectrum where you’ll often find better quality. Purchase your herbs from vendors who stand behind their product and will give you a complete refund if the product is unsatisfactory.

Finally you’ll need to decide what lactation herbs you will take. See our list of 23 lactation herbs to get started. heart-logo

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