How To Produce More Breast Milk

How To Produce More Breast Milk: Step 1 – Fix Issues That Can Cause Lower Breast Milk Production

how to produce more breast milkThe first step in producing more breast milk is to first investigate if there’s some reason why you have lower breast milk production. There are many factors that can lead to lower breast milk production. Some common causes are prior breast surgery, excessive blood loss during and after delivery, poor latch, a baby with tongue tie, not breastfeeding or pumping enough, aggressive dieting, dehydration, illness, and so on.

We’ve created a detailed list of the 27 most common reasons for lower breast milk production and give specific treatment options for each. The link goes to an overview article which briefly describes each of the reasons for lower breast milk production and then links to complete articles about each cause.

Once you’ve found the likely cause of lower breast milk production and have followed the treatment suggestions (or if none of the causes stood out to you as probable) you’re ready to move onto step 2 of how to produce more breast milk.

How To Produce More Breast Milk – Step 2 – Removal Of Breast Milk Must Be Frequent And Complete

Your body can adapt to make stronger muscles or produce more breast milkTo produce more breast milk, removal of breast milk must be frequent and complete. At first glance this seems like a really odd principle, however the key reason this technique works so well is that the body wants to adapt to the external stresses that are put on it. If you typically wear shoes everywhere and then start going barefoot outside, your feet will be sore for a while, but will build up calluses and you’ll soon be able to walk across rocky ground without discomfort. Or if lift heavy weights your muscles will get stronger. Or if you begin jumping a lot you’ll start jumping higher and higher.

These are all examples of a person’s body adapting to the stresses that are put on it. And the same principle applies when you want to produce more breast milk. To produce more breast milk, you have to put a “stress” on your milk production and you’ll do this by removing breast milk frequently and completely.

To remove it frequently, you’ll need to breastfeed or pump every 3 hours during the day and every 4 hours at night. Those times are measured from the start of one breastfeeding session to the start of the next breastfeeding session.

To remove breast milk completely, you’ll need breastfeed baby on both sides during each breastfeeding session and  you’ll need to pump after breastfeeding for at least 7 minutes on both sides or until no more breast milk is flowing into the pump bottles, whichever is longer.

How To Produce More Breast Milk – Step 3 – Natural Herbal Supplements Can Help You Produce More Breast Milk

Step three in producing more breast milk is begin a breast milk enhancing herb supplement, such as Lactiful’s Supply Max. A 2012 observational study showed that 3 out of 4 moms who took Supply Max were able to produce much more breast milk. How much more? According to the study results, each mom who saw an increase was able to produce 14.8 ounces of additional breast milk per day (on average).

You can see many of the advantages of Lactiful Supply Max in about 30 seconds on this overview pageClick for more articles about how to increase milk supply

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