How To Increase Milk Supply After A Return To Work

Having your milk supply drop after returning to work or school is quite common and can be very frustrating. Here’s some help:

  • Have you prepared well for a return to work or school?
  • Do you have a daily work routine that supports breastfeeding & maintains your milk supply?
  • Has the time for pumping at work or school been decreasing? Have you skipped pumping sessions? Missed pumping sessions is the number one reason moms have their milk supply drop after a return to work or school. Even if you can only get away to pump for 3 minutes, pumping something is always better than skipping the pumping session. If you miss a session, try to make it up as soon as possible. And now that your supply is lower, you should really add an additional session, until your milk production returns. If you haven’t skipped any pumping sessions:
  • Check our are article on the 27 causes of low milk supply. Perhaps you’re newly pregnant or have started birth control pills which will cause your milk production to drop. If none of those causes make sense:
  • It could be your pump. Pumps wear out over time and while they may appear to work, the suction may have dropped so low that it’s not effective. Be sure to check all connections to make sure nothing has become loose. Check the tubing for kinks or punctures. Change the membranes. If everything is in order, you can find out for sure if your problem is caused by your pump by renting a hospital-grade pump and using that for a week. If you’re supply comes back up you’ve found the problem. If not:
  • Are you eating well? If the busyness of work or school is causing you to skip snacks and meals this will cause lower milk production. Be sure you’re getting at least 1800 calories each day, preferably spread out over 3 meals and 3 snacks. If you have been eating well then:
  • Perhaps you are worn out, run downed or stressed. Dealing with work or school, while breastfeeding at home, while still having broken sleep from night time nursings and facing the demands of family life is a tremendous challenge. Do not hesitate to ask for help from family or friends. A little help with cooking, cleaning, errands or childcare for older children can go a long way in lifting the weight from your shoulders and getting your milk supply to rebound. Next, be sure to:
  • Take Lactiful Supply Max or your own herbal blend that increases milk supply and stimulates multiple letdowns. Then be sure you:
  • Remove milk frequently and completely. Make sure baby is breastfeeding every 2 hours from the start of one breastfeeding session to the start of another. Always have baby breastfeed on both sides. Pump for 10 minutes or until milk stops flowing, whichever is longer after each breastfeeding session. Add a pumping session two hours after your baby goes to sleep each night (or right before you go to bed – whatever fits best with baby’s nighttime schedule).Take a bit of time to:
  • Check the 11 ways to increase milk supply. There are many steps, tips and strategies that you can use for increasing your milk supply. Also consider:
  • Marathon weekends. I don’t mean go running, I mean breastfeed or pump as much as possible over the weekend to kick your production into high gear going into the next week. And finally:
  • Dip into your milk reserve. If you’ve built up a freezer bank of stored milk, now is the time to use it so that baby is getting the best nutrition possible. After all, maybe he’s simply going through a growth spurt and can’t be filled up or maybe there’s a new stress in your life that’s negatively affecting your pumping. While any drop in supply can cause panic, sometimes these things just work out in a few days time.

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