How To Boost Breast Milk

boost breast milk for a return to workPerhaps you want to boost breast milk production so that you can build up a freezer stash so that you milk available when you return to work or school. Or maybe you feel that your milk production is a tad low and could use a boost. Or maybe baby is going through a growth spurt (or is due to start one) and you want to boost breast milk so baby will be satisfied.

Whatever the reason, here is how to boost breast milk in just four simple steps:

Boost Breast Pumping Sessions

boost breast milk by pumpingA simple way to boost breast milk is to add one or more breast pumping sessions to your day or night. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll want to space these extra pumping sessions around when your baby typically breastfeeds. An easy way to do this is at bedtime and morning time. If baby typically is put down for bed at 9pm and you don’t go to bed until 11pm, pump right before you go to bed. Likewise in the morning, if you get up an hour or more before baby, go ahead and pump as soon as your feet hit the floor.

You might not have a lot of milk during these bonus breast pumping sessions at the start, but stick with it and be consistent your body will naturally boost your breast milk production at those times.

Boost Calories & Water (Especially If Dieting)

It takes a lot of calories to make breast milk. Why? Because a growing baby needs a lot of calories to   continue to develop and grow at the remarkable rate that occurs during the first year. In general it takes 500 extra calories to produce breast milk every day. To boost breast milk, you’ll need to be getting at least these 500 extra calories as well as few more above what your body typically needs.

This is particularly important for moms who are dieting. Aggressive dieting often causes a decrease in breast milk so plan on getting at least 500 extra calories each day.

Breast milk also requires water so pay close attention to hydration and try to drink around 64 ounces of water every day.

Boost Breast Milk By Pumping After Breastfeeding

When you pump immediately after breastfeeding, you’re fooling your body into thinking that baby is still breastfeeding and that baby hasn’t yet been satisfied. Your body will respond by boosting breast milk production. Initially when you pump after breastfeeding you may not get much additional breast milk, however after one to two weeks, you’ll start seeing the effects of boosted milk production.

Get An Herbal Boost

how to boost breast milkCertain all-natural herbs can boost breast milk production and increase the let-down reflex. For instance, an observational study of breastfeeding moms taking Lactiful Supply Max showed that 75% of them saw a boost in breast milk production. Of those moms that saw a production the average boost to breast milk was 14.8 ounces per mom per day. That’s quite a boost!

If you’re looking for how to boost breast milk production try the suggestions here and try Lactiful Supply Max. It even comes with a guaranteeClick for more articles about how to increase milk supply

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