Enhance Breast Milk Supply

Take A Breast Milk Supply Enhancing Product

herbs can enhance breast milk supplyPerhaps the easiest way to enhance breast milk supply is to start with a product that does just that! Ancient Egyptians discovered that certain herbs could enhance a mother’s breast milk supply and that knowledge has been passed down through the centuries and has now been modernized and enhanced with additional all-natural herbs and bio-availability enhancing ingredients to make a powerful herbal blend in a convenient tablet form, that can dramatically boost breast milk supply in the majority of women.

Tiny Tablets Cause A Big Increase In Breast Milk Supply

These small tablets enhance breast milk supplyWhile the tiny tablets are about the size of M&Ms candy, they pack over 9,000 mg of breast milk supply enhancing herbal goodness in each daily dose! Small, yet very powerful. But what does that mean for enhancing breast milk supply?

A 2012 observational study of Lactiful Supply Max tablets found that breastfeeding and pumping moms who took the full dose saw an increase in breast milk supply of 7.1 ounces on day 3 of beginning the product. 8.9 additional ounces of breast milk production by day 7. And 14.8 additional ounces of breast milk production by day 14. What a way to enhance breast milk supply! You can see the full study results here.

Not A Miracle For All

Unfortunately there are many reasons moms want to enhance breast milk supply and there are many reasons that breast milk supply may be lower for some individuals. From breast surgeries, to hormone and thyroid disorders, to poor baby latches and malfunctioning breast pumps, the reasons are many and varied.

As a result no solution in a bottle is a miracle for all women looking to enhance their breast milk supply. The same study that reported the increases listed above also reported on the success rate of Lactiful Supply Max. The study found that the product increase breast milk production for 75% of the women who tried it. So while it is not a miracle solution for all, it does enhance breast milk supply in the majority of women who try it. The high success rate allows the company to offer a 100% money back guarantee in the event the product does not enhance breast milk supply.

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To Enhance Breast Milk Supply For Banking Up A Freezer Stash, Add One Or More Bonus Pumping Sessions

breast milk storage pump bottlesIf you wish to build up a freezer stash of frozen breast milk you can enhance your breast milk supply by adding one or more bonus pumping sessions. You’ll want to keep this bonus pumping session or sessions at the same time each day. Start the session at the time that is between normal breastfeeding or pumping sessions. A good time is usually after baby goes to bed, but before you go to bed.

At first, your body may not produce much additional breast milk at this new time, however as long as you stay consistent, your body will enhance your supply at this new time and you should be able to pump 2 to 6 ounces which can be bagged, saved and frozen.

To Enhance Breast Milk Supply For Breastfeeding Sessions, Pump After Breastfeeding

If you wish to enhance your breast milk supply so that more milk is available to your baby during breastfeeding sessions, the best way to do this is to pump after each breastfeeding session. To do this, be sure baby is breastfeeding on both sides for every breastfeeding session. After baby has completely finished, pump both sides for 5 to 10 minutes or until no more milk is being produced, whichever is longer.

It’s perfectly fine to pump, even though no milk is being produced, and really baby should have removed the vast majority of the milk, so don’t let the lack of milk deter you. What the pumping does is that it fools your body into thinking that baby is going through a growth spurt and that it should enhance your breast milk supply to compensate. It won’t happen overnight, but within a few days to a week, your body will respond to the increased demand, especially if you are also taking a breast milk supply enhancing product like Lactiful Supply Max. Click for more articles about how to enhance breast milk supply

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