Eastern Treatments For Low Milk Supply

Acupuncture: A treatment for low milk supply

Acupuncture: A treatment for low milk supply. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Several years ago I was seeing a chiropractor and noticed that every time I left the office I’d have to adjust the rearview mirror in my car because I was sitting up so much taller. One day after an adjustment I went to play basketball and early in the game I realized that I was jumping higher than normal. Like twice as high. It felt like there were crazy springs in my shoes that were making me bounce high in the air.

I mentioned this to the chiropractor and he said that before the adjustment when my brain said, “jump” only about half of the signal reached my legs so my muscles weren’t firing as strongly or as in sync as they were meant to. And that after the adjustment more of the signal was getting through.

Before this happened, I was quite skeptical about chiropractic care. But that experience opened my eyes to the benefits of eastern treatments.

This article reviews the options for treating low milk supply using eastern treatments.

Low Milk Supply Treatment From The East: Chiropractic

Nerves go from your brain to the rest of your body, including your breasts, through your spinal cord. It’s possible that these signals from your brain are being impinged? and leading to a poor milk ejection reflex (also known as letdowns) and low milk supply.

A chiropractor attempts to align the vertebrae in your spine and neck so that all signals that pass from your brain reach their intended destinations. Chiropractors claim that their form of treatment positively affects all areas of the body from muscles to organs because nerves go to all areas of the body.

The fourth intercostal nerve has the largest affect on letdowns. It travels from your nipple, along your side, between the fourth and fifth rib, past your arm pit, to your spine and up to your brain. If you’ve had any injuries or surgeries in these areas, a chiropractor may be able to help.

My advice is to phone several local chiropractors and explain your difficulties with low milk supply and gauge what they have to say about the possibility of chiropractic care helping your milk supply. If nothing else, perhaps you can go play a great game of basketball!

Low Milk Supply Treatments From The East: Yoga

Yoga is not the little green guy with the big ears from the original Star Wars movies. It’s a class-based program that focuses on exercise, breathing and meditation. Recent studies have shown yoga to improve cognitive function, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, improve mood and lower anxiety.

That’s a big list of health benefits that can have a noticeable, positive effect on milk production. Any activity that can lower your stress or anxiety will prevent stress hormones from interfering with your milk production. Improving circulation to your upper body can also help your milk production.

Look for a yoga class that focuses on upper body and arm movements. These movements can increase your circulation in that area which leads to easier and more frequent letdowns and ultimately, increased milk production.

Particularly consider yoga if you are experiencing stress or if you are not as physically fit as you feel you should be. If you can’t sign up for a class, considering trying a yoga dvd in your home. There’s many to choose from on Amazon or eBay or event from your library. Make a commitment to go to every class or follow with your DVD faithfully and experience the benefits of yoga on your milk supply!

Low Milk Supply Treatments From The East: Acupuncture

I’ll never forget how surprised I was to find out that my sister had tried acupuncture. My sister HATES needles. She’s one of those people that has tiny, hidden veins, that are difficult to access. Whenever she needs blood work, even the most skilled nurse goes through a half hour torture session with her.

After years of suffering from migraines my sister was desperate enough to try acupuncture. Did I mention she HATES needles? As surprised as I was to hear that she tried acupuncture, I was even more surprised to hear that she enjoyed it. She said the needles were so tiny, and so different from what we normally think of as a needle that she was able to relax during her sessions to get some relief from her migraines. The moral of the story is, don’t let a fear or hated of needles prevent you from looking into acupuncture.

Getting jabbed with tiny needles has been used for hundreds of years as a treatment for low milk supply. It works because certain acupuncture points seem to stimulate the milk making hormones: prolactin and oxytocin, which in turn increase milk supply.

I personally have never tried acupuncture for increasing milk supply or for any other reason. Still I must admit I am curious about the whole process and will likely try it if I battle low milk supply with my third child.

If acupuncture is of interest to you, my advice is the same as with chiropractors: phone several local acupuncturists and explain your difficulties with low milk supply and gauge what they have to say about the possibility of acupuncture to help your milk production. heart-logo

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