Soft Breasts And Breastfeeding

Soft, Empty Breasts And Extra Skin Can Cause Breastfeeding Problems

Pregnancy and breastfeeding dramatically change the character of breasts. Perky, firm breasts get swapped out for grandma boobs. Unfortunately it’s not always a cosmetic problem. Sometimes breasts are so soft that baby has a difficult time getting a good latch – there’s too much extra skin in baby’s mouth, so baby is not effectively removing the milk.

Whenever breast milk isn’t being effectively and completely removed, milk supply will suffer. Not to mention baby will be fussier and may not gain weight like he should. All this can lead to even softer, emptier feeling breasts.

If this sounds familiar you’ll need to work to increase your milk supply. Follow the 11 ways to increase breast milk supply. And in the meantime, every time you breastfeed be sure to pull the loose skin back from the nipple toward the chest wall. Once all the skin is pull back, the skin around your nipple should be tight. Now, baby can get a good latch. This is one of those tasks that could require 3 or 4 hands so expect a bit of a learning curve.

But in this way you can overcome the inherent challenges with soft breasts and breastfeeding. heart-logo

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