Large Nipples And Breastfeeding

My Story of Large Nipples and Breastfeeding

My nipples aren’t particularly gigantic, but I experienced the problem of large nipples with my second baby. She was born with a tiny mouth. Wide open it was the size of a dime and compared to that little opening, my nipple looked like a hot dog! This terrible mismatch in size resulted in terrible latches, nipple damage and inefficient milk removal. And as you may know, when milk is not removed frequently and completely it will lead to low milk supply.

See our virtual lactation consultant for articles on correcting low milk supply.

Fortunately the solution for large nipples and breastfeeding is fairly straightforward and the good news is that this probably will only last while your baby is small. Babies grow very quickly and baby’s mouth will get bigger and bigger. However in the meantime, it is imperative to get the best latch possible every time you breastfeed. If the latch isn’t perfect, break the seal and try again. It would routinely take me up to 10 minutes get a good latch. Keep trying again and again until you get it perfect – this is especially critical if you have damaged nipples. See our latching guide for detailed instructions.

Large nipples and breastfeeding does not have to end in problems with low milk supply, but if they do be sure to see our 11 ways to increase breast milk production.

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