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Success Stories Launched

Today Lactiful released a new section of the website dedicated to success stories. These stories offer a more intimate look at the effect Lactiful has on our customers’ lives. These stories are far longer and more detailed, than the much shorter testimonials¬†that we have been sharing.

In these success stories we go inside our customers’ lives and experience with them their troubles with low milk supply and how it affected them personally and emotionally. We journey with them through their struggles – we see what they saw and feel what they felt. And finally we experience with them their triumph over low milk supply and what it means to them.

Grab a tissue and read a success story!

From Hate To Love

A Review of Lactiful Supply Max

Erin E. is a blogger who writes for In The Know Mom and she was having a problem with low breast milk production. So she did what any good blogger would do and wrote a post about her experiences with various treatment options. She tried slow cooked oatmeal, extra hydration, an herbal tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics, More Milk Plus from Motherlove and Supply Max from Lactiful.

The entire post, Low Milk Supply Roundup, is worth the read, but what really jumped out at us was that the reviewer says she actually wanted to “hate Lactiful” because of its high price tag. We don’t want to tell her story for her, so be sure to read the article, but let’s just say the results speak for themselves and hate was changed to love.

It’s no coincidence that our logo is dominated by a huge heart. Share the love!¬†heart-logo

Mother’s Day Coupon

There’s probably no other better time of the year to issue a coupon than Mother’s Day. This year we’re saying, “Thank You!” to all moms with a $15 instant coupon. Just enter the code: MOM in the coupon code box on the check out page. (Be sure to put the code in the coupon box and not the gift certificate box – it won’t work there). The coupon expires 5/15/13.

Milestone: 25 Articles Published

Today we reached a milestone. 25 published articles on low milk supply!

Our staff has been hard at work creating what we hope one day will be the best resource available for moms with low milk production. We’ve been at for only a month now and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

New articles are posted on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages.

Get the word out: Be sure to share the articles you enjoy! (Sharing links are included at the bottom of every article.)

Study: Lactiful & Breast Milk Production

The first study about Lactiful Supply Max and breast milk production was published today! This 7 month study followed lactating women before they started Lactiful Supply Max and while they were taking it and measured the changes in each woman’s breast milk production.

The results were terrific with 67% showing an increase in breast milk production by the end of the final production pump test and 75% of women showing an increase in breast milk production at some point while taking Lactiful Supply Max versus a control pump test.

Maybe more impressive than how many women it help is by how much milk supplies increased while taking Supply Max. Those women who saw an increase gained an average of nearly 15 more ounces of breast milk produced each day!

This is all the more impressive because the research study attracted a majority – almost 70% – of subjects who had tried another ingestible (either prescription drug or herbal remedy) and found that it didn’t not work at all or did not work well enough. These more difficult milk supply cases made up 7 out of ever 10 women in the study.

Read the whole published study here: The Effects of Lactiful Supply Max on Breast Milk Production

Lactiful’s New Logo

Lactiful's Logo

Lactiful’s new logo is packed with meaning

Lactiful has a brand new logo designed by artist McKenzie Spoor. Here are some of the visual elements that reflect our company: The font looks like a signature because we make a signature product. The name Lactiful is angled upwards because that’s where we want your milk supply to go! The dot in the “i” is replaced with a heart because we treasure love above all else. Finally the swirls in the heart are actually a hidden image, because that’s just fun!

Welcome to our New Site & Blog

This week we launched a new version of our Lactiful website. The old site was great, but we simply outgrew it. The new site will allow us to publish articles related to breast milk production as well as start this blog. Check here for news and links to articles and even coupons! Such as this one:

To celebrate our new website we’re giving out unlimited $15 off coupons. Just order Lactiful Supply Max and enter the coupon code NEWSITE into the coupon box when you check out to save an instant $15 on your order! The coupon expires April 14th 2013.

Enjoy and let us know what you think of the new site in the comments below.