How To Increase Milk Supply When Pumping

how to increase milk supply when pumpingIf you are pumping breast milk to store up a freezer stash for later or if you’re just trying to keep up with your baby’s needs when exclusively pumping and want to know how to increase milk supply when pumping, you’ve come to the right article!

5 Ways To Increase Milk Supply When Pumping

  1. If your pumping output has gone down recently or was never that great to begin with the first step is to see if you can figure out what is causing your lower milk production. See our article on the 27 causes of low milk supply.
  2. Also if you pumping output has dropped recently and none of the causes of low milk supply seem to apply, it could be a problem with your pump. Breast pumps can lose suction power over time or can become damaged from frequent transportation or an older child. Carefully inspect your pump for kinks or holes in the airlines. Make sure all the connections are good and see if the suction is as strong as you remember it being. If you suspect your pump may be the cause of lower milk output, rent a medical-grade from your local hospital or WIC office. If you get drastically improved results, you’ll need to replace your breast pump.
  3. Have you had some event take place in your life that could be affecting your milk supply when pumping? Have you had a recent illness? Started a new medication? Started rigorous dieting or exercise? New stress in your life? Have you returned to work or school recently? All of these events can cause a decrease in milk supply. If an event has triggered your decrease in milk supply, try to figure out a way to negate that negative to increase milk supply when pumping. For example, if you’re stressed, do something you find relaxing. If you’re overexerting yourself to lose weight, ease up a bit. If you’ve returned to work or school make sure you’re getting frequent breaks for pumping. Addressing the negative event will help to increase milk supply when pumping.
  4. To increase milk supply when pumping take an herbal supplement that’s likely to increase milk supply. Lactiful’s Supply Max is an herbal supplement with 8 milk-increasing herbal ingredients, including one that causes more frequent letdowns. This is terrific for pumping moms who want more results from pumping. Plus the product is guaranteed to increase milk supply or a complete refund is granted. A 2012 study showed that Lactiful’s Supply Max increased milk supply in 75% of the women who took it.
  5. To increase milk supply when pumping increase the frequency and duration of each pumping. Breast milk production is a supply and demand system and the body tries to match milk production with milk demand. So to increase milk supply when pumping, you need to pump more. Most moms shut off the pump when the milk stops flowing, but what does this tell the body? It tells the body that demand and production are equal. Just as the supply was running out, the demand stopped! When you want to increase milk supply when pumping you have to show the body you want an increase in supply by first increasing the demand. To do this add additional bonus pumping sessions throughout the day and night and each time you pump continue to pump for 5 to 10 additional minutes after the milk stops flowing. This is how you tell the body to increase milk supply when pumping.

Follow these 5 steps and you should see an increase in milk supply when pumping. Click for more articles about how to increase milk supply

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